Hey music lovers: “The British are coming! The British are coming!”

It’s a right British Invasion these days. I’ve put together some of the best of  today’s British Pop Music!

I don’t know if any of you have noticed, but recently the music scene has been all about our British friends. Let me let you in on a little secret…. I can’t stand a majority of American music lately. I know…. I know…. BLASPHEMY! But really, most of our artists lately are autotuned, and the songs have no real….. anything to them. There’s something more real and enjoyable about music over in England lately. So, I put together some of the best of best in British Pop Music right now, all tied together nicely with a pretty little Spotify bow. I already feel like I’m forgetting several artsits/songs/etc. So feel free to make some suggestions in the comments section!

By the way, this is by no means an attack on American music. I love me some Christina AguileraFrank Ocean, et al. I just don’t like the scene we’re living in over here lately. Keep bringing back people like Fall Out Boy and Justin Timberlake and maybe my musical tastes will come back over to our side of the ocean. Maybe.

By the way, you can download Spotify for free onto your computer, and then you can save this playlist! That way it’s available for you to listen to whenever you want. You don’t just have to come back to Drunk On Pop for your British fix. Though I wouldn’t mind it if you did 😉

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