Tips for Preparing a Nursery

If you have a little one on their way, you have a whole host of different things you need to do before their arrival. Here are a few things to make sure you add to your list.

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One of the key, and larger, tasks you may find yourself facing is creating a space for them in your home. If possible, you should have a room to dedicate to being a nursery, which will then become your little one’s bedroom as they grow up. Here are some top tips that can help you to create the best nursery possible!

Choose a Colour Scheme

First, you need to choose a colour scheme for your nursery. This will serve as the basis for other design choices in the room. It’s also best to paint walls and other features before filling the room with furniture or other items, as it reduces mess and provides you with a blank canvas and clear space to work with. Popular colours for nurseries tend to be neutral or pastel shades, such as light yellows, pastel blue or pink or even cream, which can then be brightened up with accessories and toys. Pick up some paint samples and try them out on the walls. This will help you to see which are best once they have dried and you can see them in the light of the room.


There are going to be a few pieces of furniture that you will need to pick up for your little one. Take a look at Cuckoolands nursery furniture collection to get the ball rolling. Many parents start out by keeping their newborn in a moses basket in their own room, but as your little one gets bigger and older, you may want to move them across to a crib in their own nursery. You could also benefit from things like changing tables, small wardrobes or sets of drawers specially designed for kids’ clothes and more. Make sure to take sizes and measurements to determine where the different pieces can fit within the room.

Child Proofing

Babies tend to stay where they are placed, but eventually, your child will begin to crawl and explore spaces. You should do what you can to make the nursery as safe and child proof as possible. You may want to install a baby gate at its door. You might find that you need to invest in plug covers to prevent them from putting anything in the plug sockets. You should make sure that any furniture is properly fixed and secured to the walls. If the room has blinds, you should make sure that the blind cords are properly tied up and out of the way. Get on your hands and knees and take a look around from a little one’s level. This can alert you to other issues that may need to be addressed and resolved.

These are just a few steps towards creating the best nursery possible for your little one. Hopefully, some of the suggestions outlined above will make their way onto your to buy and to do list, helping you along the way!

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