Why Your Customers Aren’t Leaving Feedback

Customer feedback is priceless, especially to small business owners. If you’re wondering why you aren’t able to draw out more feedback from your customers, read on!

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Do you run an online business? If so, are you thriving right now off of an expansive and active online community? If you’re reading this post, probably not! You’re instead wondering why customers aren’t leaving feedback for you, and why you aren’t getting many reviews. Maybe you’ve got one or two 5 star comments on Google, but it’s hard to build a brand off of these online! 

But how can you make a change? How can you ensure your customers want to leave feedback, and see you grow and develop over time? Here are some ideas to keep in mind right now about what you can do to bridge this gap. 

There’s No Motivation

It’s the most pure and simple reason: your customers aren’t leaving feedback because there’s simply no reason to. They feel unlikely to shop with you again, and have no kind of tie to you as a business. Which is why you need to cross this gap and create an incentive for them to pick up on. Feedback is always easier to gather when a person gains something from it!

So, maybe a small money off offer? Maybe they can be entered into a monthly giveaway? Whatever doesn’t take much out of your budget but still has an attractive quality to it will work here. And yes, you’ll usually have to base these incentives on the monetary value! 

You’re Not Offering a Memorable Experience

Your customer experience is key to enticing a good review out of every other person who shops with you. A good customer experience will leave people raving about you, and they’re naturally going to want to tell everyone about it, and the easiest way to do that is to leave a review! However, you don’t necessarily have to be running a bad customer service profile here. 

You just need to be running an average one, that doesn’t leave a mark, for people to simply skip the emails asking for feedback. If you find yourself in this situation, it might be worth it to look into some NetReputation Reviews to see how you can begin to claw this back. Your brand reputation is in what you do, not what you look like, and even a flashy email that catches the eye can be sent straight to the trash! 

It’s Not Easy to Leave a Review

How easy is it to review your company? For example, is there an official section for leaving feedback on your website itself? Are your contact details easy to find and make use of? Because if customers have to track any of this information down for themselves, they’re simply not going to bother. It’s why follow up emails are such an important part of marketing – if a customer can just click a link to enter their thoughts into, it won’t take 5 minutes out of their day. 

Customers aren’t leaving any feedback for some very simple reasons. Address these and watch your online profile boost tenfold! 

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