How To Reduce Anxiety In A Doctor’s Waiting Room

It is common to feel anxious or nervous when waiting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. Even if you are seeing your doctor get help for something positive, it is an environment that can easily ignite anxiety. Here’s how to stay calm and feel more relaxed in the doctor’s waiting room.

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Take a puzzle

A word search or crossword is a great way to distract your mind, which is an effective strategy for reducing anxiety. If you only get anxious or nervous in the waiting room and not the appointment room itself, then it will help to use a distraction while you are waiting. 

You can see more here about fill-in puzzles to keep you entertained when you are waiting in the doctor’s waiting room. There is plenty for all age groups so that everyone can enjoy their distractive benefits.

Use music

Another top tip for creating a distraction when you are nervous or anxious is to use music. It will help distract your mind and thought-process to attain a calm and relaxed state. 

Using your favorite music can make you think of memories instead of your anxious thoughts. Or, you can use calming and meditative music to help promote a state of mindfulness and relaxation.  

Sometimes waiting rooms will use a radio or music of their own, which is often to help with relaxation. Yet, you might find your own music more therapeutic. 

Go early

To combat doctor’s waiting room anxiety and to help you avoid all-day-long worry, it can help to go early. This will ensure that your anxiety doesn’t linger all day as you will be able to get the appointment out of the way as soon as possible. 

Should your doctor’s surgery not have early appointments, then they might be able to find one for you if you tell them about your worry. They will do everything that they can to ensure that you feel calm and confident about attending your appointment. 

Take someone with you

If you find that music or books do not help distract you, then it might help to take someone along with you. Anyone that helps you feel calm and relaxed is a good option, as they will know what to do to help you avoid feeling worried or nervous. 

Likewise, taking someone with you is a great way to feel supported. Although the doctor will be kind and supportive, it can be more comforting having someone more familiar with you. 

Control your breathing

Your breathing might be the reason that you are finding it difficult to sit in the waiting room. If you notice that your breathing is accelerated, then try to calm it down. This can be helped with meditative music or simple breathing exercises. 

Slowing down your breathing will slow down your heart rate, which can help to reduce anxiety and stress while waiting in the waiting room. Take deep breaths when your heart rate speeds up to keep everything under control.

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