Tips to Making A Place Of Relaxation In Your Home

Nothing better than being able to have a place at home where you can relax after a long day of work or study, and we achieve this especially if we create our own chill-out environment. Here are some ways to add this elevated, relaxed room to your own home.

It has been a few years since the “chill-out environment” became fashionable, and it continues to be a trend at a decorative level since it brings beauty and very good sensations in any space. It is ideal if you want an area to relax, and although at first it was especially for terraces and outdoor spaces, it is also done indoors. Any room is perfect for it, so take note and discover a new way to enjoy your home with peace of mind. So whether you want to have a quiet space for yourself to do your work or play with your sports betting bonuses, you can do so in the best possible environment. 

What must be considered?

To begin with, the chosen space must have the walls painted in light tones, whether it is indoors or outdoors. If you are going to create this space on terraces or gardens, try to take advantage of the naturalness that this offers to get the most out of each color and each natural element. If there is any wall, let it be in light colors, which combined with the green of grass and plants, leaves spectacular results.

Rugs are an essential element for chill-out areas , and depending on their size you will place one or more, in order to cover practically the entire area. On them should be poufs or cushions, which will be accommodated as if they were a sofa and will be perfect to lie down to rest for a while. The choice of colors for these elements is according to the tastes of each person, but it is advisable to break the clarity of the walls and bet on more cheerful tones, and also fun prints. An element that is also essential in any self-respecting chill-out environment is a low table, since being seated practically at ground level, the table cannot be high. It will be the perfect foothold for books, drinks, food, plants or decorative items, for example.

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Lighting is a very important factor to take into account, since a chill-out environment is especially unique and magical at night, so it is probably when we are going to get the most out of it. The ideal is to place several lamps or candles, they provide a soft and subdued light that is perfect to create an intimate atmosphere that invites you to disconnect from the routine and relax instantly. As the idea is that it is a private space away from curious people, being in an interior space it is advisable to cover the windows with curtains in light and natural colors. It will allow the passage of light but not that from outside you can see what is happening inside, so you can relax without worrying about any other factors. 

On a decorative level, creating a small Zen garden is great as it brings beauty and transmits “good vibes”. You can even do it on the table itself, since with a reduced space it will be enough to be able to compose a very beautiful green area. In addition, zen-type gardens have many benefits and with very little effort and minimal investment you can get a truly spectacular one.

How to relax?

There is something that is essential to be able to fully enjoy a chill-out environment, and that is music, without a doubt very important in our lives. If you want to relax, it sure is helpful to do so in a space like this where your favorite music is also playing. If you prefer, chill-out is already a musical genre and you can find many songs and albums specially designed for these environments. Perhaps you just want to chill out with your laptop and play some online games or maybe your xbox, you certainly can do that! But an atmosphere will make the vibe even better! 

The aromas that are inhaled also have a lot to do with how you can enjoy the moment much more, so you should look for some that are pleasant, you like and cause you positive feelings. Incense and candles are the most common resources to make the space have a good aroma. Make it something you love, such as a sweet smell or maybe something floral and woody; whatever gets you in that relaxing state of mind is vital. In addition to this, a few lit candles, good company, a glass of your favorite drink – it’s perfect! 

Close your eyes to imagine all that and I assure you that it will not take you two seconds to wish to have a chill-out atmosphere in your house, no matter how small. It’s time to relax!!

Photo: Unsplash

Make the most of a small space! 

Create focal points! Many people tend to put all furniture against the room walls, believing that the space in the middle makes the room look bigger and more spacious. Often, however, the opposite effect is achieved and the room quickly becomes uncomfortable. Our tip: create focal points. For example, arrange seating groups made up of couches and armchairs that protrude into the room and are not rigid against the wall. This conveys sociability and comfort. Bookshelves are also suitable for this and can also be used as room dividers. However, it is better to use shelves without a back wall that are open on both sides so that the room does not appear blocked. 


Decoration makes every room individual and personal if it is used correctly. Randomly distributed individual vases, figures or candlesticks, on the other hand, look more untidy than decorative. A quick tip: decorate in groups. Choose decorative elements that go well together and create an atmospheric picture. For example, a combination of different sized vases or a collection of travel souvenirs that can be arranged into a small “altar of memories”. Be careful not to combine too many different elements so that the decoration does not dominate the room. The pieces should also match in color and not look jumbled together. The same applies here: less is sometimes more. It is better to redecorate every few months instead of filling the room with all your favorite pieces. And another tip from furnishing experts: It is better to put together an odd number of decorative pieces, it looks more harmonious than an even number.


Are curtains old fashioned? Not if you use them skillfully! For a long time, curtains were considered old-fashioned and too dignified for a modern style of living. Today they are being used more and more to make rooms warmer and more comfortable. This works just as well with furniture in Scandinavian style as it does with minimalist furnishings, because curtains are no longer made from heavy, opulent fabrics, but also from light textiles. Our tip: Choose curtains that match the color of the other textiles in the room perfectly, i.e. sofa fabric, pillows and carpets. This creates a harmonious picture. The correct curtain length is also crucial: curtains that end at window sill height look outdated and conservative. Instead, the lengths of fabric should be flush with the floor. Provided that it is straight – otherwise, bumps immediately catch the eye. With light fabrics, it can also look nice if the curtains are a few centimeters too long and drape loosely on the floor.

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