Ways You Can End Your Weekend To Avoid Monday Blues

We’ve all experienced the “Sunday scaries”, which often negatively effects our weekend. Instead of relaxing and enjoying our time off, we’re busy worrying about the work day ahead. Here are some ways you can fix that and start enjoying your weekend to the fullest.

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Prepare Yourself by Prepping Meals and Choosing Work Outfits

Preparing your meals ahead of time can help reduce your stress when thinking about what to eat on a Monday. It’s also helpful if you have extra work outfits ready in case something gets dirty (or any other crazy scenario that we overthink during the weekend). This will save you from having to go out looking like a hot mess.

This way, you never have to wear the same outfit more than once a week. If this is not an option for you, try and keep one or two outfits as backups if something happens. You can also throw your dirty clothes into a hamper so that when it’s laundry day, you’ve already separated them from clean clothes!

Play Games To Boost Your Memory

Playing games, particularly word games with a word descrambler, can be a great way to increase memory and develop thinking skills in your brain. For example, two things happen when you play word games: You get better at the game itself, and you boost your ability to think quickly — an invaluable skill for your brain. Play games to boost your memory and relieve the stress of Monday. You can play with friends or family for better results.

Get Enough Rest 

Taking a restful weekend is one of the best things you can do to ease into your workweek. Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep and time off from work, even if it’s for just a few days at a time! Getting enough rest can have a positive effect on your mood for the week ahead.

You might also find that taking extra time to relax helps you get back into your routine when it comes to starting work again. In addition, taking this time out of the weekend will ensure that you’re ready and refreshed for anything Monday throws at you!

Image Source: Pexels

Drink and Eat Well 

Try not to drink too much alcohol; this will just leave you feeling worse the next day. If you have a few drinks, try and stay away from greasy foods, as these can leave your body sluggish for days afterward. Instead, opt for healthy choices such as fresh salads or grilled fish with vegetables. 

This doesn’t mean you have to cut yourself off completely. For example, if having a few drinks with friends is essential to you, stick to low-calorie alcoholic beverages such as vodka and soda or beer without the added malt liquor. These choices will keep your calories down but still give you something great tasting to drink!

Meditate or Practice Yoga 

If you’re not used to waking up early, meditating can be difficult. Start by practicing in the morning just ten minutes before getting out of bed. Then, gradually increase your time until you feel comfortable enough for thirty or forty-minute sessions every day! Yoga is also a great way to start your weekend and get rid of any stress you may have experienced during the week.

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