Surefire Tips For Protecting Your Staff During The Pandemic

Health and safety in the work environment are more than just following laws and regulations; it is also about creating a culture in which people feel happy, content, and respected. Here are some ways to keep your staff safe while during business hours.

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The coronavirus pandemic has made us all more concerned about our health, but there are other workplace health issues at stake in addition to COVID-19.

Work remotely where possible

It is highly probable that your company has been working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the time being, it is prudent to continue doing so if possible in order to protect the health of your employees and customers. When you do make the decision to return to the office, make a shift pattern to help make sure that only a small number of employees are present at the same time. This will make implementing social distancing much more straightforward. 

Follow the guidelines set out by the CDC

Pay heed to the CDC guidelines; the website contains a wealth of information about COVID-19 and the working environment. Employers should enforce social distancing and, where appropriate, use hand sanitizers and masks. Businesses should also implement track and trace systems and educate employees on COVID-19 best practices. According to the CDC, employers should always encourage sick employees to stay at home. At the moment, it is simple enough to get COVID tests – Brad Schaeffer with Medcomp Sciences has provided free COVID-19 tests to community members in Zachary, Louisiana.

Make sure that your cleaning and hygiene standards are up to scratch

It is vital to make sure that your cleaning routine is of the very best standard it can be in order to protect the health of your employees and the general public as a whole. implement a regular cleaning and sanitization routine and employ professional cleaners if necessary.

Image Source: Pexels

Install extra equipment and safety measures

It may be beneficial to invest in some additional equipment for your premises to protect your employees. Many companies have begun to use ‘cough guards’ in the workplace. A cough guard is a transparent screen made of glass or acrylic. These screens are sometimes alluded to as ‘sneeze guards,’ as they can form a barrier between staff members or between employees and customers. Other things, such as providing masks and plenty of sanitizer is also important.

Make sure you have a friendly company culture

The behaviours and values that govern how a company interacts are referred to as company culture. Your company culture is expressed in all aspects of business, including your value systems, physical layout, employee relations, and the social aspects of your company. You can make sure that employees are happy and feel valued by improving your company culture.

You can improve your company culture in a variety of ways, including organizing regular social events which give your team a chance to bond, even if that is across Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You should also make sure that your staff feel appreciated by offering perks with the job, such as flexi working, healthcare plans and other incentives. 

When it comes to workplace health and safety, there is a lot to think about, whether it’s COVID-19 fears, mental health, or being accessible to everyone, whatever their health and fitness.

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