Alpha’s Moon (Dirigo Pack, #1) by Sabrina Silvers

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Title: Alpha’s Moon
Book Series: Dirigo Pack #1
Author: Sabrina Silvers
Genre: Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Release Date: June 22, 2021

About The Book: 

The mating heat ignites between a dominant alpha-heir and a forbidden wolf-witch hybrid when they’re forced to find his kidnapped sister and stop a war.

Now is not the time for Kane to have found his mate. But the Goddess is never wrong. If he gives in to his desires for Sheridan, her lineage could cost him everything. Yet as his body aches for her, and thoughts of her curves cloud his mind, he finds himself willing to risk it all to claim her.

Forced, out of friendship and loyalty, Sheridan joins the hunt and gets more than she bargained for with a dangerous attraction to a darkly handsome wolf. While she seeks to distance herself from pack politics, Sheridan can’t deny that the first place she has ever felt she belongs is at Kane’s side. Not everyone agrees, and some will stop at nothing to destroy their love, their family, their future. 

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“I know you’re awake so you may as well open your eyes. The lights are dim so they shouldn’t hurt your head. Our healer would like to get a good look at you before she does any healing.”

The faintly sardonic voice prodded her, and the rest of the events coalesced. Kane MacKinnon. Kayleigh. The accident. Her eyes flew open, and she winced at the light that sliced into her brain.

“Turn it down.” Her voice was raspy, hoarse as if she’d been screaming.

The lights went lower until they just illuminated the figure sitting by her bed. Kane leaned forward until his face was a few inches from hers. “Sorry. I thought it would be low enough. You’re pretty light sensitive for a human.”

Yeah, she wasn’t about to tell him about her wolf half or that she had some heightened senses. She’d keep that to herself, especially now that she was in the belly of the beast. Kayleigh had figured it out and swore to keep her secret, though she told her that the MacKinnons would support her and not be like the ones who’d killed her father. For now, Sheridan would reserve judgement.

She tried to lift her head, but the pain sliced right through her as if an axe had tried to cleave her. 

Kane stood and pressed a firm hand to her shoulder. “Stay still. Our healer will be right with you. She was working on Vanessa, since she was awake. She wanted you awake before she started, especially since she doesn’t know you.”

“What… What about Kayleigh? Is she okay? What happened?”

“We had hoped you could tell us.”

About The Author: 

Sabrina Silvers began her writing career dreaming of elves, orcs, and hobbits in the fantasy section of her local library, looking in wardrobes for Narnia and Aslan, and hunting for gnomes in the forest. To her dismay, she never found any of them except between the pages of her books. So, she had to go out and create them for herself, leading to her lifelong love of reading and writing and dreaming about adventures, fantasy creatures and love in fantasy lands! She divides her time between writing sexy contemporary romances under a different pen name, reading, knitting and being owned by a very spoiled cocker spaniel who does not share her love of fantasy creatures.

Connect With Sabrina: Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Instagram

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