Understanding The Importance Of Good Posture

Working from home picked up in crazy amounts during the pandemic, which has cause for a lot of poor posture and working in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. Stop by to learn way to fix this, and the importance of good posture!

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Good posture is something that everyone should set as a personal target to achieve. You probably don’t realize it, but there’s a huge chance your posture is awful. If you suffer from aches and pains in your back, shoulders, or hips, your posture could be the cause of them. The worst thing is, you get so used to these niggling pains that you don’t think about addressing the cause and finding a solution. 

The importance of good posture really can’t be understated. Here’s why it is so critical, with a few tips on how to achieve it every single day:

Good posture relieves pain

Having good posture can relieve pain that’s caused by muscle imbalances. When certain muscles are too tight, others become loose and inactive. This puts extra stress on the tight muscles, causing chronic pain. For example, a lot of lower back pain is caused by the lower back muscles being too tight, and a lack of activity from the abs and glutes. Fix your posture and you will fix your pain. 

Good posture improves your mental focus

Another daily benefit of good posture is that it helps you focus. When you have poor posture, all of your thoughts are dedicated to the little aches and pains this causes. Fixing your posture gives you very little to focus on other than your main tasks. It can make you more productive and efficient, improving your focus at work every day. 

Image Source: Pexels

Good posture reduces stress

Similarly, poor posture will cause lots of mental and physical tension in your body. Good posture restores balance to your body, easing so much tension. In turn, you will feel less stressed and can relax a lot easier. 

How do you improve your posture?

You’ve seen how important your posture is to your overall health, but how do you improve it? It begins by assessing why your posture is bad. This is a generalization, but most of us will have what’s known as desk posture. It occurs from sitting at a desk all day, leading to a forward head, rounded shoulders, curve in the upper back, arch in the lower back. 

Here, you need to work on fixing the imbalances that cause this posture. You have to strengthen your neck muscles to pull your head back, strengthen your upper back muscles to straighten it and pull your shoulders back and strengthen your glutes and abs to get rid of the arch in your back. Stretching the opposite muscles to all of the above will also help. 

Still, the key thing is maintaining good posture while you work. As you can see on www.obvus.me, devices exist to help you do this. You can attach something to your back that connects to an app on your phone and tells you when your posture is bad, forcing you to sit up straighter and roll your shoulders back. 

Likewise, having an ergonomic setup is also essential. This can prevent you from rounding forwards and make it easier to stay in the optimal position for good posture. Fixing the issue with strengthening and stretching is important, but it will all be for nothing if you don’t actively remember to maintain good posture every day. 

After reading this, you should understand your posture better than before. If you have poor posture, make sure you act now to correct it before it gets too hard to fix. 

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