Life-Changing Apps For People With Hectic Lives

When you live a hectic and busy life you need tools to help do some of the work for you. Stop in to learn about some of the best productivity apps to make your life easier!

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The modern world asks a lot of us. It expects us to constantly flick from one activity to another, use every available moment of our time, and be productive all day long. It’s a massive challenge, and it’s leading to all kinds of social and psychological problems.

With that said, technology is helping. Today, there are more apps than ever before promising to make your life easier and help you tame your hectic schedule. Here are some examples:

Expense-Tracking Apps

Tracking expenses is a chore and something that can take up a large amount of time. A lot of people who run businesses do it in the evening as a kind of daily ritual. 

But manually totting up your costs should be a thing of the past. Apps like Expensify let you do it automatically and even connect your bank account, allowing you to automatically check or uncheck expenses, according to your needs. 

Message Forwarding Apps

Most busy professionals have more than one phone, and more than one number. Keeping track of all incoming messages, therefore, can be a substantial challenge. You’re forever having to rifle through different handsets and check each of them individually for notifications. 

Apps, though, can help you solve this problem. Instead of checking each device manually, you simply install forwarding apps on all your devices and then get them to convert all your messages into a chosen format – such as email – and deliver them to your primary device. Get one now and see the difference it could make in your life. 

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Payment Apps

Carrying both your payment cards and your phone on your person is a real hassle, especially if you don’t have pockets. Usually, you have to keep it in a purse, wallet or bag. 

But with payment apps, such as Apple and Google pay, that’s a thing of the past. You no longer have to deal with problems, such as finding ways to pay. You just scan your phone – something you’d keep with you anyway – and you’re done. 

Itinerary Management

Busy people spend a tremendous quantity of time organising their itineraries and planning out their trips. Simply figuring out where they’re supposed to be and when is often a mammoth task that requires rifling through endless email correspondence to pick out dates, times and locations. 

Apps like TripIt, however, allow you to cut out this process entirely. You no longer have to manually find tidbits of information lurking deep in your inbox. Instead, the app lifts information for you automatically, using it to populate a simple, central calendar. All you have to do is read off it, find out where you’re going, and you’re done!

Create Personalised Alerts

Most of us are living with “notification fatigue.” We get so many alerts on our phones, we don’t know what to do with them. 

Fortunately, with apps like IFTTT, you can actually customize the types of alerts you receive. For instance, if you care about the weather, you can set up the app to tell you every time there’s a chance of rain. It’s that simple!

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