Smart Ways To Use Voice Activated Technology

We’re living in a world with ever-changing technology. One of the newest, and arguably most helpful innovations, is voice activated technology. Stop in to learn all the ways you can benefit from voice controlled devices!

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Voice activated programs like Alexa and Siri are more than just fun toys. Here are just a few practical ways to use voice command in day-to-day situations.

Send/Read Texts Whilst Driving

Texting whilst driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents. While the best thing to do is ignore your phone while on the road, this can be very hard to do when you keep getting constant text alerts.

Voice activation technology is a great way to solve this inconvenience – you can simply ask Alexa or Siri to read your texts out while keeping your eyes on the road. Not only this, but you can send a text back using voice command to dictate the message. You can even have Alexa or Siri read back the text before sending it to check it hasn’t misinterpreted what you said.

Of course, you can also make calls via voice command, but if you’re not in the mood for a phone call with that specific person, being able to read/send texts via voice activation could be very handy. You can also use this for emails and social media messages.

Set Reminders To Stop You Forgetting Things

You can also set yourself reminders using voice command. These could be scheduled for a certain time and could include anything from reminders to take food out the fridge to reminders to ring somebody.

You could set these as alarms or voice alerts. You can even update your calendar with events via voice command and then get Alexa or Siri to read your calendar events back to you at the start of the day.

Control Your Music Hands-Free

When it comes to streaming music via Spotify or Apple music, there can be times when it can be advantageous to have hands-free control of your tunes. You might be in the middle of washing up or in the bath or driving or playing video games. Using voice command could allow you to change the song, raise the volume or simply find out the artist name without having to put your current activity on hold.

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Order a Pizza/Taxi/Your Shopping

There can be times when voice command can also make things quicker. Actions like ordering a pizza, ordering an Uber and even ordering food shopping can now all be done with voice command.

You can have specific Amazon Alexa skills downloaded, like when ordering a taxi by voice command using the Uber app. Dominos meanwhile used to require users to have a Twitter account when ordering a pizza by phone, but has now also introduced an Alexa skill to make order a pizza by voice command easier.

Use It To Enhance Your Business

Voice command can also be used for business purposes. It’s firstly a useful transcription tool when writing emails and press releases. It can also be used for multi-tasking allowing to check on other tasks whilst keeping your focus on one primary task.

You can also use voice command to improve customer experience. If you’ve already got a company app, you could consider hiring an Amazon Alexa skill developer to enable voice command. You could even set up a voice activated robot to filter incoming calls.

Control Your Home With Your Voice

Smart technology is now being incorporated all around modern homes and all of this technology can be voice activated. The possibilities here are endless.

Take smart lighting as an example. When linked up to Alexa or Siri, it’s possible to find out whether you’ve left a light on in a certain room without having to physically check – you can simply ask. Not only that, if the light has been left on, you can then turn it off via voice command. This could be useful if you’ve left the house and are driving to work and are worried that you may have left your bedroom light on at home.

In the future, when many of us are living in fully smart homes, we could be using voice activation to change TV channels, turn the heating on and off, lock all the doors at night and even check which foods we’ve got in the fridge whilst out shopping!

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