What You Need To Start Streaming In 2020

Everyone likes to play video games, but it takes a lot of work to become a paid streamer. Stop in to learn some tips of the trade.

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So, you are an avid gamer, and you think you have the skills to take your gaming online to the masses. Well, you may want to stop and think again before you take the plunge and start streaming this year.

In this post, we are going to be looking at three of the most important things that you are going to need if you are going to not only start streaming but also succeed.

More Than Game Skills Required

Ok, the first thing we are going to talk about may sound a little harsh, but before you even buy a single item to get into streaming, you are going to need to take this into account.

Most streamers start gaming by simply heading out and thinking that one game is going to carry them through, the truth is, if you are going to succeed like this, you need to be better than good, you need to be incredible.

The number one thing you are going to need as a streamer is a big old personality. Viewers aren’t tuning in to random streamers for games anymore, that corner of the market has been dealt with, if you want to make an impact nowadays, you need to be somebody that people warm too quickly.

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The second thing you will need when it comes to streaming is patience, while there are Live streaming guides out there that will give you a wealth of information, one thing they won’t tell you is how patient you will need to be.

In the very beginning of your streaming career, you will be streaming to zero people, and this is something you will be doing for a while. So you are going to need to be talking to nobody until the time your patience pays off.

The Tech

Ok, if you are just starting out on your streaming journey, do not head over to YouTube and start looking at what streaming gear you need. The YouTubers you will find are sponsored by companies to get you to buy expensive rubbish.

To start off with, if you are a console streamer, get a decent sounding mic and a camera. If you are using Xbox, you can use any Logitech webcam. Unfortunately, for PS4, you are stuck with the home brand camera.

Try not to spend a lot when you are first getting started; it may be something that isn’t for you. While it may look amazing, streaming can be quite stressful at times, and a lot of people quit in the first few months.

If you are using a PC, then you can get your whole stream setup for under £100 no matter what YouTubers may tell you.

If as time goes on, you find that you love streaming and it becomes an amazing hobby, then, of course, invest a little further in capture cards and better equipment.

Finally, the last and most important piece of advice we can give is to stream for you. Don’t stream for money or popularity, because chances are you will only end up disappointed.

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