The Careers In Music You Should Apply For

So you’ve decided you want to work in music, but you aren’t quite sure where to start. Here are some aspects of the music business you might consider heading into.

Music is full of different careers that you should be heading for, and we just know there are tons of you who won’t be going for them, simply because it’s so unknown. The world of music is hard to break into, but only when you think about going into the singing and songwriting side of things. To become a musician, you have to have so much about you. You have to have the talent, and you have to have the charisma to capture the hearts of fans. But that’s when you have fans, before that you’re just going to be writing and producing music, hoping someone will find it. So if you have a passion for music, but you just know that you don’t have the personality and drive to go with it, then you need to think about the other areas of music that you could go into. You don’t have be in the limelight to be making some serious money, and to have a career where you’re directly involved with music everyday. So let’s keep on going, and show you what careers you could go for!

Sound Engineering

Sound engineers go wherever the band or artist goes, so this is the perfect job for you if you’re really looking to do something that gets you in the thick if it, as well as giving you a good paycheck at the end of every month. The bigger the artist you’re working for, the better you’re going to get paid. But to get into this, you are going to have to go back into education, so this is the why you need to look at some of the best audio engineering schools, and see when you could enroll. For some of you to leave the roles that you’re in, and go back into education to retrain. But if the perks of this role are something that’s really catching your attention, then sometimes you just have to go for it!

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Management is something that’s actually really easy to get into. All you have to do is be savvy with the way you’re going about it. The great thing about this, is that you can work your way up, and build each year in terms of experience. Now this is what big up and coming bands are going to be bothered about, not the qualifications that you’re having. So you have to start small, and realise what managing someone in music is all about. From creating the opportunities that will get them noticed, to being there to support them with anything they need. It’s exciting, and if you did work your way up, you’d be be bringing in the big money!


People make music for it to be sold, and there has to be someone who is managing the whole marketing and sales side of things. So, all you need here, is some great experience, and even a qualification or two, which could easily be done through doing a night course. Again, this one could be more about who you know rather than what you know, but starting small with up and coming bands and artists could be your way in!

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