How to Make More of Your Daily Commute

Some of us are stuck behind the wheel in traffic during our daily commute, and some of us are stuck on trains and buses. For the latter, here are some tips on making the most of your work-week commute.

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When you’re commuting to and from work each day, you probably stare into space or sip a coffee. But is that the best way to spend this time at the start of your day? There are lots of more productive things you could spend your time doing during your commute each day of the working week, so why not make a change? Here are some ideas you might want to consider. (Unless you’re the one doing the driving, in which case, skip all of this and listen to a bomb Podcast like Straight Talk With Ross or Can We Kick It.)

Prepare for the Day Ahead

There are so many things you can do but perhaps the most basic yet impactful of them all is simply preparing for the day ahead. You will make your life easier by not having to do all that preparation work when you eventually reach the office. Instead, you’ll be able to slide right into your work having already completed all of that preparation work you needed to do before you reached the office. One of the most helpful things I do each morning is make a list of everything I need to do that day, and I even separate them by pre-lunch and post-lunch.

Have Fun and Ride in on an Electric Scooter

It doesn’t have to be a serious start to the day though. Sometimes, starting the day the right way can be about having fun and being out in the fresh air. If you live close to the office, that’s exactly what you can do by riding an electric scooter into work. Find electric scooters for sale and make your purchase; then you’ll be able to start each day with an invigorating way of reaching work. Some cities even have scooters and bikes that you can rent temporarily right from your phone!

Do Some Relevant Reading

You might not like the idea of starting the day with thrills though; it’s not for everyone. But you can always sit back on the train and read something that’s worth your time. Rather than listening to an audiobook, go old school and get a book out and learn something. It could be relevant to a particular interest you have or maybe it could have something to do with your work and job. Or, you could just read for fun! Sometimes it’s good to give your eyes a break from your phone screen!

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Stop Early and Walk

This is one way to get more exercise into your working day. You could set off for work a little earlier than you currently do, and then get off the train, tram or bus a couple of stops early. You can then make the rest of the journey on foot, giving yourself the chance to get active and exercise early in the day. It can be a great way to begin the working day for many people. Or, if you drive to work, you could park further from the door and allow yourself a few more moments of pre-work fresh air and mental clarity.

Set Some Goals

Finally, you could take a relaxing journey and spend your commute setting some goals for yourself. You can then work towards achieving those goals over the course of the working day. Or they could be bigger, more long-term goals that you want to work at achieving for months ahead of you.

As the ideas above prove, it’s more than possible for you to use your commute for a positive purpose. There are so many things you can spend that time on at the start and end of your working day. Your life will improve as a result and you could achieve more in your professional life.

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