Throwing A Great New Year’s Eve Party On A Budget

It’s always fun to bring in the new year with friends and family, but you can party without spending a ton of money. Stop in to find some great tips and tricks on how to throw an amazing New Years Eve party on a budget!

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New Year’s Eve is just around the corner… No plans yet? Don’t panic! Throw your own NYE Party. As one of the easiest ways to celebrate, it’s a good excuse to get some of your friends over and see in the New Year in style. Even with limited funds, you can still throw a bash to remember, so check out these tips for throwing a great NYE party on a budget. Staying in is the new going out after all!

Don’t Stress About The Decor

Do you ever really remember the decor at an NYE party? Chances are your guests won’t either. If your home is still nice and festive following Christmas, you don’t need to worry about bringing in special decor – some fairy lights, and a candle here and there will do the trick. Oriental Trading is a good website to stock up on cheap party decor, so if you do want to add a few things to your home, you can do so quickly and cheaply.

Keep The Guest List Small

To keep costs down, why not just invite a select few friends over instead of having a blow-out bash? This way, you get to spend more quality time with people you like and won’t have to worry about cleaning up in the morning. Spending NYE with close friends, playing games and enjoying each other’s company is a pretty great way to celebrate.

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Make The Most of Your Music

You don’t need a fancy sound system to make the music at your party great. Use whatever speakers you have lying around the house and boost the sound using an audio enhancer with 3D surround sound. All you need is a bit of background music – anything too loud is likely to annoy your neighbors! Create the perfect Spotify playlist in advance and you’re good to go.

Keep Food Simple

You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking up a storm for NYE. It’s going to be a long night, so some nibbles are fine for people to snack on as they please. If you feel like you should make something, then simple finger food recipes can help you out. If guests start feeling hungry, you can always chip in together to order some pizzas to keep you all going until midnight.


Most people expect to bring their own booze to a house party, but it doesn’t hurt to make it extra clear to your guests. You can stretch to what you can afford to cover a punch or some bottles of beer or wine, but most guests will come armed with their own anyway. Make sure you stock up on some mixers to save you having to run to the store during the night.

Having friends round for NYE is an easy and affordable way to see out the year in style. It’s a great excuse to catch up without having to wait in line at the bar, and means you can show off the home entertainment system you’ve been dying to display. Whatever your plans, keep them simple and pressure free and simply enjoy spending time with the people you care about this NYE.

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