Easy Ways To Expand Your Musical Horizons

Music is the one thing, universally, that brings people together. It’s also so divided into genre after sub-genre that it can also divide people. Here are some tips on how to expand on your musical horizons.

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It is super simple to get into the habit of only listening to one or two genres of music. In fact, some folks base their whole identity off of what they listen to. However, there is a whole vibrant and diverse world of music out there, and you are missing out if you don’t get to experience it. Therefore check out my easy guide to expanding your musical horizons below.

Go to Live Gigs

One wonderful way of expanding your musical horizons is to buy tickets for live shows. There are plenty of tactics you can use to do this as well including checking out live music gigs in your local area or purchasing tickets for larger national or even international tours.

Great places to find out about gigs include ‘what’s on’ pages on the internet, and you can also find what shows are running locally by listening to local radio. You can even sign up directly with venues or services that will send you regular updates when band and artists that you have tagged, as well as others like them, are touring close to your location.

Research Other Genres

If it’s music that is new or of a different type than you are used to you are looking for, then it can help to give yourself a quick crash course in the history and context of the genre first.

Luckily, there are plenty of sites online on which you can use to learn more about genres such as classical music. Something that can help you much better appreciate what you are listening to and also understand the impact that it has had on popular forms of music that are more familiar to us today.

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Use a Subscription Service

Next, if you want to expand your musical horizons, there is an incredibly easy and cheap way to do this that you probably already have access to. It’s by using a streaming service, and all you need to do is pay a monthly fee to access any and all music that they have on offer.

The great thing about these services is that you don’t have to pay out for individual albums like you did in the old days, but you can still check out anything from prog rock to classic maestro’s, all for free. You can even get recommendations base on your usage for other things you may like, but would never have come across, so it’s really is a brilliant way to discover new music.

Ask Your Friends.

Last of all, one of the most fun ways to discover new music is to ask your friends who they are listening to.

In fact, you will probably be surprised by the variety of their musical tastes and by sharing what you love, you will not only form strong friendships but can also be exposed to a whole new universe of music you never knew existed. One that might just end up becoming a favorite, or even the soundtrack to a particularly important part of your life that you would have missed out on entirely, otherwise.

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