Getting Into Your Local Music Scene

Sure well-known bands are great, but sometimes the best shows happen right at your local venues, with local artists. Here are some tips so you can immerse yourself in your own local music scene!

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Some of us aren’t all too fussed about music. It’s something that’s give or take. Something that comes on in the car when we switch the radio on. But for others, music is life. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. We listen to it while we get ready, on our way from any one given place to another. When we work out at the gym. When we get home at night. If this sounds familiar, then why limit yourself to music on vinyl or in its digital form? Nothing, after all, beats the real deal and live music can form a large part of your social life too! Here are a few simple ways to immerse yourself in your local music scene.

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Scour Gig Listings

The first and most reliable place to find out where bands will be performing your local area is ticket seller sites. After all, they have to make money somewhere! So, scour gig listings on pages such as TicketOffices to get a good idea of who will be heading to your town in the near future. It’s also a good idea to book your tickets as soon as you can. For some artists, demand is pretty high, and tickets can sell out quickly. You don’t want to be left at home knowing your favourite musician is playing just down the road, but you can’t get in! For extremely popular international artists, wait to buy online as soon as tickets go on sale to guarantee your place in the crowd. Be extremely vigilant if you do opt to get your tickets from a non-official seller such as individuals advertising on social media or online auction sites. The prices may seem good, but you can never be sure that you’ve purchased something legitimate until you have your ticket scanned at the venue, and there’s little worse than thinking you’re going somewhere only to find out that you’ve been scammed and have to be turned away.

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Familiarize Yourself With Local Venues

Sometimes when bands are a little smaller, their shows aren’t as heavily advertised. This means that if you rely solely on general online advertisements and events listings to get your music fix, you may well miss out on them. But as we are all well aware, everyone has to start out somewhere, and you never know when the emerging artist you support might hit the big time and enter the mainstream consciousness. There isn’t a whole lot more satisfying than being able to say you were there first! So, familiarise yourself with local venues who put on shows and get to know the type of nights that they put on. Many will have residencies or weekly slots allocated to live music, so you could always turn up and see what awaits. You might be surprised at some of the new, raw talents out there!

These are just a couple of steps to try out. Remember that you don’t have to attend gigs and shows every night, but one or two a month really can introduce you to some great new artists and new social circles that will brighten your mood!

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