Wonderful Weekends: Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Night In

The saying goes, “work hard, play hard” – but there’s another option – chill hard! We all deserve some relaxation and TLC. Here are a few ways to treat yourself to a relaxing night in when you really need it.

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Let’s face it, sometimes a night in on the weekend is just what the doctor ordered. You don’t need to be out partying or having adventures every single Friday and Saturday night for life to be fulfilling – sometimes you just need to be at home, kicking back and relaxing. It’s a chance to enjoy your home and also to rest your body and mind. If you’ve had a week of early starts and late finishes, chances are you’re exhausted and allowing yourself time to chill is important. Don’t feel lazy or guilty about it, instead soak up every relaxing minute! Here’s how you can make your weekend in wonderful.

Relax In A Pampering Bath

One of the very best ways to kick of a relaxing night in is with a hot bath. Add some bubbles, bath oils or salts or treat yourself to a fancy bath bomb from a store like Lush. Not only will the ingredients replenish your skin but it’s always nice watching them swirl around and the colours unfold as you run the bath! When you get out, apply some hydrating body butter and pamper your skin with a face mask and an evening moisturizer. You could paint your nails, moisturize your hands and feet and generally just get yourself feeling fresh and new. A hot bath will lower blood pressure, ease tense muscles and it’s a calm and quiet space to help you clear your head. A great start to a relaxing evening!

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Think of some things to do

Once you’re clean and in comfy, cosy pyjamas you’ll need things to do to occupy yourself during the evening. You could start that series of Netflix that everyone has been talking about, or put your favourite movie on. You could play a game on your computer or even look at mobile casinos on your phone. Something that’s fun, will keep you busy and you could even win money. Other relaxing activities include reading, meditating or roping your partner in to give you a massage. You could enjoy a quiet craft activity such as drawing, or write a letter to a loved one. Check out Pinterest for ideas for fun crafts that would be ideal for a relaxing night in.

Eat some tasty food

You don’t have to stuff your face and throw your diet to the wind, but when you’re enjoying a night in some tasty food and drink is always nice. You could order in your favorite meal, or you could stop in at the supermarket on your way home and pick up a couple of treats. Depending on the weather you could enjoy a glass of wine or a cocktail or sip on a hot chocolate. It’s good to indulge every now and again, if you know you’re going to be tucking into some not so healthy treats during your evening in you could always eat a lighter lunch that day.

What do you think makes the perfect night in?

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