Apocalypse All The Time by David S. Atkinson

Check out the science fiction novel ‘Apocalypse All The Time’ from David S. Atkinson, courtesy of Roger Charlie and Drunk On Pop. Plus, read the author’s guest post about The Rapture!

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Title: Apocalypse All The Time
Author: David S. Atkinson 
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: Literary Wanderlust
Release Date: January 1, 2017

About The Book:

apocalypse all the time david s. atkinson movie authorDoesn’t it seem as if someone issues a new apocalypse prediction every week? Y2K? The Mayan apocalypse? The Rapture? Doesn’t it seem endless? As opposed to the traditional trend of post-apocalyptic literature, Apocalypse All the Time is post-post-apocalypticism.

Marshall is sick of the apocalypse happening on a weekly (if not daily) basis. Life is constantly in peril, continually disrupted, but nothing significant ever happens. The emergency is always handled. Always. Marshall wants out; he wants it all to stop . . . one way or another. Even if he has to end the world himself.

Apocalypse All the Time explores humanity’s fascination with the end times and what impact such a fascination has on the way we live our lives.

Book Trailer:

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About The Author:

David S. Atkinson has devoted his free time to reading and writing for as long as he can remember. His writing focus is primarily fiction—short stories and novels—though he expresses himself through poetry and nonfiction as well. David also has a fondness for obtaining college degrees, with four at the latest count (B.S. in computer science from the University of Nebraska Omaha, J.D. from Creighton University, B.A. in English literature from the New York Institute of Technology and M.F.A. in creative writing from the University of Nebraska).

Author Guest Post:

The Rapture Might Have Really Happened
By: David S. Atkinson

david s. atkinsonI’ve joked about apocalypses not coming true, both in relation to writing Apocalypse All the Time and separately. However, I do have to acknowledge that the Rapture may already have happened. This may simply be the finishing of the end.

Okay, not really. This is all just about a conveniently odd morning May 21, 2011.

It was one of the dates predicted by Harold Camping for the Rapture (there was more than one). You know, the good sucked up bodily to heaven while the rest were “left behind” to be tormented by the rise of the antichrist. It had been all over the media and everyone was laughing. It was Saturday morning and my wife and I headed to Target. Usually it was packed around that time. For some reason, the store was almost completely deserted.

For just a moment, it seemed as if the Rapture had truly happened and the few people at Target were all that was left. Why else would Target be so empty when it was usually so crowded?

Well, some reason. Perhaps we were just there earlier than normal, or maybe there was a game on. Given the fact that it’s been over five years and no significant group of people appear unaccounted for (including Harold himself though he did pass on in a non-Rapture fashion about two years later), there must have been some non-Rapture explanation.

Or, maybe there entirety of humanity was irredeemable sinners and there was absolutely no one to Rapture.

Guess we just don’t know for certain. You’ll just have to read Apocalypse All the Time while we wait to find out.

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