Why Adventure Water Sports Aren’t Just For The Summer

Do you love paddle boarding, kayaking, or surfboarding? Don’t let the cold weather keep you from water sporting. Find out how!

why water sports aren't just for the summer guest post drunk on pop

We know that most people have some very specific images in their head when they think of surfing, wakeboarding or kayaking. They think of the sun, the sand and the far-off noise of a beach in full frivolity. But there are a lot of people who will spend time out at those beaches, riding the waves even as everyone else is wrapping up warm. Some people are simply addicted to water sporting and for good reason. We’re going to look at why you should consider it as more than just a summer activity.

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An excuse to travel

Well, let’s not pretend that great weather isn’t a reason to love water sporting. When you think of great weather, you undoubtedly think of some of the most gorgeous locations in the world. Many of these are beaches and many of them with excellent places to enjoy the waves. Of course, not every surf and wakeboarding location is sunny. For every Hanalei, Hawaii there is, there’s a Bundoran, Ireland. But each place has its appeal, with plenty of holiday potential to go along with the friends you will make and the waves you will ride. If you’re a lover of travel, water sporting is the perfect hobby to go with that love.

Thriving communities

One of the reasons that we get into hobbies above all else is that it helps us connect with people. Especially today, it can be hard to find new friends when you need them. But there are water sporting communities the world over. Find a beach that’s good for surfing and you’ll find people who love little more. You don’t even have to meet those communities in the real world, either. They’re online, waiting to offer advice and share opinions and experiences. They’re in sites like Rapid Splash, giving expertise and helping you get the best water sporting experience you can. They’re in forums, on chat sites and all over. There’s a vibrant community just waiting to be reached, no matter where you are.

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It’s better for you and the world

Surfing, kayaking and wakeboarding aren’t just human experiences. They’re experiences of nature, as well. They’re a way to get used to, to respect the forces of nature and experience it in a whole new light. You’ll understand the tides better, and for that, you’ll start to care about them. To care about the world and how we’re affecting it. You’ll be happier and healthier from spending that time in the sun and burning plenty of calories on the water. You’ll have a more intimate connection to your surroundings, to the water and to nature. As we’ve said, you’ll share friends who have that same connection, too. Water sports can make your life more fulfilling as well as more connected to the world.

If you haven’t found that niche, that hobby that totally grabs you by the soul yet, then give water sporting a try. You’ll find fewer friendlier bunches of people, connected by an interest in locations around the whole globe. Nor will you ever feel as connected to nature and yourself as when you’re on the crest of a powerful wave.

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