So I received a strange package today….

Potentially #MusicToObsess over? Or did Jigsaw try and kidnap me? Only time will tell, I guess…

My brain can’t decide if I’m so creeped out that I want to start a boycott or if I think this is the most ingenius marketing tactic in music right now.

transviolet girls like us cassette tape drunk on pop

Today I’m sick. I wasn’t going to do anything but sit inside drinking coffee and watching Dexter, but the dogs were antsy so I took them on a walk to go get the mail. I had a package with my name on it, but no return address. I opened it, and all that was inside was a cassette tape that read ‘Just Press Play’. No further instruction, no other information. My brain immediately thought of the Saw movie franchise and I was throughly terrified. I don’t have a cassette player… who even has a cassette player these days? The only one nearby was in my car, and the paranoia was fully creeping in at this point. I had to press play though. It specifically told me to.

Just Press Play - transviolet band marketing girls your age

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snapcode rexraetard drunk on pop

Now that I’ve had time to fully process the events, I have to admit I like the song. Which, by the way, is called Girls Your Age and the band is called Transviolet. It was kind of exciting to get to experience new music in this way, too. The lyrics are great, and I love how airy the vocals are. I just kind of wish there had been something else to go along with the cassette player. I was completely freaked out, and I know other people were too. As a marketing tactic, absolute success. I definitely went out of my way to listen to the song, which I probably never would have done otherwise. Now here I am blogging about them – and I’m supposed to be in bed getting over being sick. Whoever came up with this idea needs a promotion.

Side note: Harry Styles apparently tweeted lyrics to one of their songs recently. So they’re currently killing it. My guess is they got our addresses from Fueled By Ramen. Their facebook page doesn’t have much information, so maybe they’re a new signing and it’s a secret? I don’t know, brain is too hazy to start theorizing. Regardless, the song is great and you can take a full listen to it below!

What do you guys think? Do you like the song? And better yet… did you receive your own cassette tape? Let us know!

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