How to Drive New Business with Pinterest

Constant Contact hosted a webinar on how to drive new business with Pinterest

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According to eBiz MBA, Pinterest is the fourth most popular social networking site as of today, with an estimated 85,000,000 unique monthly visitors. So why aren’t more businesses utilizing Pinterest in the same ways they use Facebook, Twitter, and similar sites? Because most people don’t know how to. There’s a webinar available through Constant Contact entitled ‘How to Drive New Business with Pinterest’ which will help any brand succeed on the site. The webinar focuses on the following topics:

  • How Pinterest works
  • 8 smart reasons for using it
  • Examples of small businesses using Pinterest
  • Tips and tricks
  • Tools for measuring Pinterest success

Erica Ayotte, the senior manager of Social Media Marketing for Constant Contact, guided this webinar. Constant Contact is a service for small businesses, which helps them grow their brand across social media, maintaining customer relationships, and any other marketing concerns. They have 53,000 Twitter followers, 91,000 Facebook likes and excellent reviews, making them the perfect source to teach about Pinterest as a business tool.

According to Pinterest’s website, “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and
 organizing things you love.” The webinar goes over 8 really great reasons for using Pinterest, including the site’s mobility and growth rate. It also shows some great examples of how other small businesses are successfully using Pinterest to promote their brand, and will give you some wonderful inspiration when creating your own boards and pins. Not only that, but the webinar steps you through creating your account and getting set up, with an emphasis on creating three, really strong boards for your brand right off the bat. They then go on to showcase some tips and tricks on how to use Pinterest effectively, as far as using keywords, curating content and more! They follow up with ways to measure your results, which is important for any brand to figure out what is and isn’t working.

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If you’ve used Pinterest for personal use you might already know some of the topics mentioned in the webinar, but luckily Constant Contact covers a lot of really important tools for the business side of Pinterest, and anyone with a brand has a lot to learn here.  ‘How to Drive New Business with Pinterest’ was just recorded a month ago and has 37 views so far. That means that everything included is fresh, not outdated, and you’ll get a chance to utilize Constant Contact’s tips before other small businesses catch on!

This webinar was broadcasted as a screen-share and recorded for use by Constant Contact. You can access this recorded webinar for free by clicking here, and then clicking ‘View it’. The webinar is 22 minutes long, and worth every second.

You can find Constant Contact on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, of course.

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