One Direction premiere video for ‘Best Song Ever’

One Direction’s new single ‘Best Song Ever’ puts out the best video ever.


The One Direction boys are getting ready to release their first motion picture movie for their Take Me Home tour called This Is Us, but first comes the music video for their new single Best Song Ever. The song is working as a sort of soundtrack for the movie, and it actually is the best song ever. Or at least the best 1D song to date. Not only is the song great, but the video is actually flawless. Complete with Zayn in drag, and the other boys in costume, along with Mean Girls-worthy quotes, there is nothing else I could have asked for from this video.

The opening is hysterical, the Louis slow-mo solo made me want to cry, the Harry/Veronica moment made me melt, and the dance segment made me tear up in nostalgia. Each of the five boys did a great job acting, and just further proved that there isn’t a damn thing anyone can say or do that’s going to change who they are. This is literally just them.

One Direction’s third anniversary since X Factor is tomorrow, July 23rd. 

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