Instagram adds video – You can thank (blame) Facebook

Is this good news, or bad news?

Well guys, I think we all saw this one coming. Instagram officially does videos now, and we can all blame thank Facebook for this one. You can now post 15-second video clips to your Instagram profile, and you can also choose from various video exclusive filters. Which, if I’m going to be honest, kind of look just like the picture filters but with new names. Here’s a screenshot of the new improvements from when I went to update the app about an hour ago.


Here’s the thing though…. I have apps like VineKeekViddy, Telly etc… I don’t need to post videos on Instagram. So I’m sure they’re all sitting around going, “You know what? We’ll add videos to Instagram and then our users won’t have to go to a third party application to do it”. And you know what? That’s a great way to think. However, I have never once gone, “oh man, I really wish I could post this video to Instagram instead“. Not once. And I probably never will post a video to Instagram. Except I did… just to test it. You can watch it here. It’s my dog and my parent’s dog. Adorbz.

What do you guys think? Are you excited? I’m going to continue posting my videos to other applications, and I am not looking forward to seeing everyone’s “artsy” videos pop up on my feed. Sometimes it’s good to be the best in one field as opposed to just okay in two fields. Does that make sense? It’ll be interesting to see how this changes typical IG trends like #ootd, #dogsofinstagram and the like.

If you want to learn more about Instagram Video, you can click this link and this link, this link (where I got my banner from), and  this link. You’re welcome!

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