Angus T. Jones of ‘Two And A Half Men’ trashes the sitcom in 30 minute “testimony”

First Charlie Sheen goes crazy, and now Angus T. Jones bites the hand that feeds him. Chuck Lorre can’t catch a break.

Oh god. How embarrassing for all involved. Angus T. Jones has been playing the half man in the CBS comedy ‘Two And A Half Men” for years now, but thanks to his new religious affiliation he’s biting the hand that feeds him. He’s now a part of The Forerunner Chronicles, which is linked to the Voice of Prophecy Seventh-Day Adventist church, and his religion is clearly making an impact in his life. In a 30 minute testimonial her did on The Forerunner’s Youtube account, he went on to say that Two And A Half Men is ‘filth’ and urges viewers to stop tuning into the show. Take a look at an edited version of the video, below.

Uhm… about all that. He makes $350,000 an episode, and says in the video that he doesn’t want to be a part of Chuck Lorre’s show anymore… so why doesn’t he just quit? If you feel that strongly about your new beliefs and religion and feel as though you’re working on garbage then don’t continue to be a part of it. He says that he’s in contract for another year and ‘doesn’t have anything he can do about it’ but that’s bullshit. Also, let’s see if you ever work in Hollywood again after this ungrateful stunt. I’m not impressed with him at all, and it’s time to put him in that irrelevant closet. As of now he hasn’t been fired from the show, and he also hasn’t quit. So we’ll all be waiting on the edge of our seats to see what happens with all this. If you’re interested in watching all 30 minutes of his testimonial, I’ve put the two videos below for you.

UPDATE: What is the point of including all of those pictures of him at award shows and with famous people and stuff? Since he’s a part of such filth, shouldn’t they want to steer clear of that garbage in their testimonials?

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