Bored on the internet? Paint your own nebula!

It happens. You spend so much time on the internet that you just run out of things to do. But don’t worry, when I get bored I like to find cool things for you to do. You’re welcome.

If you’ve spent any time over at Tumblr, (which if you haven’t, what the hell have you been doing with your life?) you know that nebulas are a huge part of the hipster culture. Why? Does anyone know? I mean, hipsters like to be ironic and drink PBR and think about how insignificant we all are compared to the universe or something. You don’t have to understand it, you just have to embrace it.

Anyway, I was not the least bit surprised when I was scrolling down Tumblr and saw the above post on my dashboard. “Paint your own nebula? Might as well click it”. Guys. It’s even cooler than it sounds. And if it doesn’t sound cool, well, trust me it is. I mean, look at that picture up at the top. I made that. You can make one too over at Neonflames.

Honestly, it’s only going to keep you entertained for a few minutes, but it was too cool not to share. You just click on the colors on the left, then click on the black space and drag your mouse around. I was really, really fascinated when I started writing this blog. Then I went to do it again to take the above screenshot (which you can click on to go to the website) and I was already bored by it. Oopsie. I must not be hipster enough to really appreciate it.

If you know of any other cool things on the internet that you think more people should know about, leave the link in the comments.

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