Get Involved, today is World Food Day

October 16th is World Food Day. Get involved in any way you can and help feed hungry children worldwide.

Today, October 16th, is World Food Day, and I wanted to share with you all some ways that you can get involved with little-to-no effort and still be able to help feed children worldwide. It angers me that there are people all over the world starving while countries like ours are so wasteful with our food. So often we throw things out, or take more food than we really need/want. Today is a day for us all to reflect, and do something helpful for others.

One quick, and completely free, way to get involved is to take the quiz over at It’s just three questions, and you can help feed a child like Molly, the girl in the video above. In case you’re feeling especially lazy, or can’t listen to the video, I’ll even give you the answers to the questions.

1) Yyvonne
2) True
3) All of the above

Remember, head here to go take the quiz. It won’t even take you two minutes.

Another completely free, and actually kind of fun, way to get involved is to play the Rice Game. Answer multiple choice questions about the meaning behind words and they’ll donate grains of rice to people in need. This is all done through the United Nations World Food Programme and the rice is paid for by sponsors. For every correct answer you get, you earn grains of rice, and a new ad or banner appears below the game which is how they are earning the money for the grains of rice. The game is actually a lot of fun, and it’s quick and free. I was playing for about 20 minutes on accident, it just goes very quickly. Plus, you might learn some new words.

This next way to get involved is not free, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money. WeFeedback (which you can access here) allows you to choose your favorite food, like chicken fingers and french fries, and then asks you how much you would typically spend on that meal. So, essentially, you can put any amount in this field. They then calculate how many people can be fed that type of food for that amount of money. For example, if I chose chicken fingers and french fries and said that I normally spend $10 on this meal, I can feed 40 people.

You can then use paypal or a credit card to spend that much money and feed that many people, or you can choose to lower your price or add more servings. This make the process of donating money a lot more fun because it’s so much more interactive. You’re seeing exactly how much you’re feeding, and not just putting a credit card in and clicking a button. While they don’t actually send your favorite food to these kids, they do send healthy meals to them each day. A daily meal costs only 25 cents, which is why one chicken fingers and french fries serving will feed 40 children. You can then share this on Facebook and Twitter. It’s like a charitable social networking site, and it’s awesome. You can connect with me directly by accessing my personal WeFeedback.

For more ways to get involved, head over to the World Food Programme website.

If you’re feeling particularly hungry yourself, head over to Taco Bell, KFC or Pizza Hut and you can donate a dollar for From Hunger To Hope for the 2012 Hunger Relief efforts. You can see Christina Aguilera’s 2012 PSA above. You can also head over to to get involved there as well.

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