Just Dance is back and bigger and better than ever before

Just Dance 4 came out on October 9th, and it’s the best Just Dance game to date.

Just Dance is back, and I couldn’t be any happier! My Wii is also extremely happy since it’s been spending so much time unused lately. I’ve a huge fan of all of the Just Dance games, but this one definitely takes the cake for being my favorite. Not only are pretty much all of the songs completely flawless, like 99% of them, but the entire set up is completely perfect. There are tons of new features, my favorite being the dance battle (which you can see in the picture above). This is a feature that needs to be unlocked, by getting a bunch of mojo, which you only get by dancing to a bunch of songs. So far the two battles I have unlocked are Nicki Minaj ‘Super Bass’ vs. Selena Gomez ‘Love You Like A Love Song’, and Justin Bieber ‘As Long As You Love Me’ vs. Carly Rae Jepsen ‘Call me Maybe’. The game pits you and another player against each other, each one representing a different song. The better you dance, the more “life” is taken from your opponent (think old school fighter games). Whichever dancer has the most “life” at the end of each round gets their song played next. How cool is that? The pairings are also hysterical. Biebs against Carly Rae? All about it.

Some other features this game has that’s really interesting are the alternate dances. Again, these are features that are unlockable through earning mojo. Like Rihanna’s song ‘Umbrella’. The game comes with a simple dance for the song, but the alternate includes an actual umbrella prop, which makes a whole new dance. Another example is One Direction‘s song ‘What Makes You Beautiful’. The original version features four guys, and each player chooses which character he/she would like to be. The alternate version is a “solo” dance, and features a woman. (spoiler alert: the alternate dance isn’t great).

My second favorite part is the song list, though I suppose I should probably consider it my favorite because if the songs sucked the features wouldn’t matter. There’s such a great mix of new songs and old songs. There are cheesy songs and a Halloween song (this time it’s Time Warp from Rocky Horror. My favorite.). I mean, Barry White and Never Gonna Give You Up in one game? Can’t get much better than that. They really did a phenomenal job this time around. Usually the songs are just mediocre, or there are a few good ones and then mostly ones I choose to skip. That’s not the case this time, and I am so pleased.

Just Dance also partnered with Cheetos in a brilliant marketing strategy. When I went into Target to pick up my copy of the game, there was a deal where you could save $10 if you buy a big bag of Cheetos at $2.50. So, essentially, you’re saving $7.50 off the game, who wouldn’t take that deal? Then, I noticed on the back of the bag that you could get a free dance that isn’t included in the game by getting a code off the front of the bag. Brilliant idea. I mean, who doesn’t like Cheetos? Who doesn’t like free things?

The game is more than worth the $40 it’ll cost you, especially if you like games like these. I had so much fun playing it with my friends, and the group dances never cease to make us laugh. The songs are great, the features are great. Even the way the game looks from the way you choose your songs to the dancer cards. It’s going to be really hard for them to out do this one for Just Dance 5.

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