Jeez, why can’t anyone get it together?

First both Justin Bieber AND Lady Gaga throw up on stage, then a QVC host faints on live tv. Get it together guys, you’re embarrassing yourselves.

I am very openly not a Justin Bieber fan. That may or may not be an unpopular opinion these days, but I stand by it. I mean, he’s talented, I’ll give him that. He just doesn’t do anything for me. So when I found out that he threw up on stage on September 29th, I couldn’t stop laughing. I wouldn’t say I was happy, per se, but I did find some sick enjoyment from the news. He claims it was all just milk.

If you have a squeamish stomach, I don’t suggest watching the following video:

The next celebrity to throw up on stage was Lady Gaga, and it happened on October 7th (my birthday, woo!). This particular on-stage-puking was much more impressive than the Biebs. Not only did she throw up, but she threw up three different times, all the while still dancing and singing on stage as if nothing was happening. I have to get credit where credit is due, Gaga is quite the badass.

Gaga also took to twitter after her little mishap. At least she’s able to maintain her humor, since she couldn’t hold on to her cookies.

I mean, what is this? The new trend? A few months ago William Belli, a contestant on season 4 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, threw up on the runway right before being eliminated. Rough life, huh?

I mean, really. Come on people! Justin knew he wasn’t feeling well, and I get he wanted to finish the concert since it was the first night of his tour, but how embarrassing. Your main goal should be to not ever puke on stage. Gross. Then an article over at NewNowNext says that William was acting proud of her throwing up on stage, calling Gaga and Bieber copy cats. Really? How ridiculous.

Puking wasn’t the only thing happening this past week, as evidenced by this video:

October 7th was a big night for Cassie Slane too. She was co-hosting “Sundays with Carolyn and Dan” when all of a sudden she fainted. Yep, right in the middle of selling a product. Dan Hughes, ever the professional, kept selling the product. In live television, the show must go on. Apparently she fainted due to low blood sugar, and she took to Facebook on Monday to let everyone know that she’s feeling much better. I don’t make a habit of watching QVC, but I hope they at least addressed her fainting on the show and didn’t act like flashing to a close up of the product would make everyone think nothing was wrong.

Let’s hope that next week proves to go better for celebrities. Though if we’re being honest, puking and fainting is probably the least of everyone’s worries.

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