Will the real Chris Brown please stand up?

Chris Brown makes a video showing the ‘real’ him, and wonders if it’s possible to love two people at the same time.

Just a few minutes before 1 am on Ocotber 5th, Chris Brown tweeted a link to a vimeo video with the caption ‘The Real Chris Brown’. The video starts out with him saying that he’s a little drunk so he’s going to be honest, and shows video footage of him partying with Rihanna with his own narration in the background. Take a look:

Chris had clearly hired someone to put a lot of work into this video. It was not just a drunken decision, even if it if started out that way. This was clearly a publicity stunt, but it was a smart one. People have been whispering about him and Rihanna getting back together for months now, ever since the two did features on each others songs a few months ago. There had also been quite a bit of stir on whether or not Chris was cheating on his now ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. In the video Chris ponders whether or not it is possible to love two people, but he must have decided that it’s not possible because he broke up with Tran recently. She has reportedly said that she feels completely betrayed by Chris, and swears that him and RiRi are not just friends. She’s probably right. Elliott Wilson posted this photo of Chris and Rihanna at a Jay-Z concert.

Like, I get it. When you love someone, you love someone. I understand that Chris broke up with Tran because, and I quote him directly, “[He has] decided to be single to focus on [his] career.” He went on to say, “I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna. I’d rather be single allowing us to both be happy in our lives.” Guess what Chris? Seems like she’s already hurt.

Then there’s Rihanna. I know it’s not her job to be a walking abuse victim, or even to be a role model, but you’d think that she would think a bit harder before getting involved with Chris again. I mean, he did beat you. You guys are supposed to be working on your friendship. Rushing into another relationship together is probably not smart. I get that it’s possible for people to change, but I don’t see how this is going to work out for them. But what do I know? I wish them the best though. I was really pulling for them in the past, and hopefully no one else gets hurt.

As for the video Chris posted… you could have just released a statement homie. You made it crystal clear that you’re still in love with Rihanna, which pretty much proves that there’s something else going on between you two. The video watches like a damn movie trailer. I mean, do you I guess.

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