How To Rock A Wig This Halloween

Wigs are an effective and simple way to change your look. You can experiment with all kinds of lengths, styles and colors without having to spend hours with a hairdresser – and at the end of the day you can simply take it off and return to your normal hair. This makes them an ideal accessory for Halloween, helping you to easily get into character. 

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In recent years, wigs have become a more popular part of people’s wardrobes. For some people, they’re a daily accessory. However, not all of us are used to wearing wigs. In fact, some of us have never worn a wig. If you’re a wig virgin, it could be vital that you know how to choose the right wig and how to wear it properly. While a cheap poorly-fitted wig can be acceptable as a silly last-minute Halloween costume idea, those looking for a more convincing cosplay idea will want to put more thought into this accessory. Below are just a few tips on how to achieve the perfect Halloween hairpiece.

Decide what to dress up as

Before choosing a wig, work out exactly who you want to dress up as. Popular spooky options include witches, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and Wednesday Addams. However, you don’t have to choose a scary character – something more playful like Cosmo and Wanda or Ariel may be preferable. You could even try to dress up as a real life person such as Tina Turner, Amy Winehouse, Cher or Donald Trump. There are even sexy wig options such as Jessica Rabbit. 

You can get many cheap wigs from local stores. For a greater selection and better quality, you may want to consider looking online. Here you can find wigs designed to look exactly like specific fictional characters or famous figures. Check out reviews to get a good idea of the quality – while the price is usually a good indicator, you may find some crooks out there selling poor quality wigs at a high price that may look deceivingly good in the pictures, which is something you want to avoid falling trap to. 

Find the right size

To ensure that your wig is comfortable and that it looks natural, you want to choose the right size. Most generic costume wigs come in one size. If you want a wig that fits right, you’re better off looking for wigs that are available in different sizes, which will typically involve looking online or visiting a specialist wig store. 

There are three main sizes of wigs: petite, average and large. This wig size guide offers some tips on how to measure your head and find the right size. 

Wear a stocking cap

Wearing a stocking cap beneath your wig is recommended. Wigs can get itchy – especially cheaper wigs – and a stocking cap can reduce this itchiness. It can also keep your real hair contained, preventing it from spilling out under your wig. On top of this, it will keep your hair flat so that your wig doesn’t look too bulky.

Stocking caps are very cheap to buy. You can purchase them online and from many high street stores.

Consider securing with some bobby pins

When it comes to large wigs that may have a slightly loose fit, you can often secure them down by using bobby pins. Attach these to the stocking cap above the ears, using two above each ear in an ‘X’ shape. 

If you find that it’s loose around the front or back, you can also secure it down with bobby pins here too. Make sure that these pins are not visible though. 

Fluff it up

When wearing a brand new wig for the first time, you may find that it needs some fluffing up. Wigs are typically stored in bags that can sometimes end up getting flattened or misshapen during storage and transit. It’s worth hanging the wig upside down and giving it a shake to help it fluff it back up.

With more delicate wigs and intricate styles, you may want to be a bit more gentle as not to damage them. 

Get rid of tangles

A new wig shouldn’t have too many knots. That said, some new wigs may come a little tangled if they’ve been roughly handled before being worn. 

If it’s a wig made of human hair, your best solution is to use a detangling spray and brush to get rid of these knots. If it’s made of synthetic hair, a fabric softener or specialist detangling spray may be a better way to detangle it. 

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