Why “Social Media Influencer” Is Such A Popular Job These Days

Social Media is a relatively new concept, and people all over the world are leaning in and turning it into a viable money making career. But why? Stop in to find out!

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Rewind a decade or two ago and ask the kids of that era what they want to be when they grow up. Many will say things like astronauts, doctors, policemen, and so on. These traditional jobs that have great career prospects speak kindly to previous generations. 

However, ask the same question to people today, and the answers are incredibly different. Sure, you have some traditional jobs still high in the popularity ranks, but others have come along to take center stage. Most notably, the thought of being a social media influencer is right up there as one of the most coveted jobs in this day and age. 

The question is, why? Why is social media influencer such a popular job that people aspire to have? In all honesty, it’s very easy to see the reasoning…

A job with no qualifications or experience required

Wouldn’t you love a job with absolutely no prior experience or educational qualifications needed? Instead of spending years in school and college, many influencers make money from a very young age. You have people like Mads Lewis rising to fame at the age of 20, already amassing over 6 million Instagram followers. People like her do not have any qualifications, yet they’ve paved a way for themselves to be successful in life. 

Lots of younger people see examples like this and it inspires them – especially if they don’t have any subjects they’re passionate about to pursue in college. 

No ceiling on earnings

The amount of money you can earn as a social media influencer is staggering. Primarily, you get cash via sponsored posts. Brands pay big bucks to get big influencers to promote their products because they know it can directly lead to more eyes on their brand – and probably a boatload of sales. As such, you have influencers like Charli D’Amelio earning around $170,000 per sponsored post. That’s absolutely absurd!

Then, factor in money from other sources – like creating and selling your own products to your adoring fans. Effectively, there’s no salary cap here in this career; you can earn as much as you are willing to work for. 

You can follow your passion

Sure, money is a big thing that makes people want to become social media influencers. However, a key reason this job is popular is that it lets you follow your passion. Social media is full of niches and audiences obsessed with the same things. It’s an opportunity for individuals to talk about something they genuinely enjoy, post about it every day, and get paid lots of money to do so. 

In a world where it’s hard to find a good job that you’re actually passionate about, it’s no surprise that so many young people want to be influencers. 

Clearly, the popularity of this job is very easy to see. The problem is that not everyone can be an influencer. If you’re thinking about pursuing a career like this, be sure you have a backup in place. In all honesty, this should be something you look at on the side. Build your following while you still have a proper job or are pursuing your education. If things start going well, then you can consider transitioning into being a full-time influencer. If they don’t go well, at least you have things in place to fall back on. 

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