Audiophiles: Here’s Where To Find New Music

If you are a bit of an audiophile, there is nothing better than listening to new music and undiscovered (to you) artists, then here are a lot of great places to find new music. Here are some ways to find new music!

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Thanks to the internet, there is no shortage of incredible artists posting new music on a huge range of websites and streaming services. It also means that music lovers have access to both mainstream pop and all other genres – no matter how obscure. 

So the next time you need to add something fresh to your late-night listening playlist, your driving playlist, or even your regular worklist – here is where you should be looking.


While Spotify has its own controversy from time to time, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great place to find new music. While you will get offered many playlists that have been curated based on what you are currently (or most often) listening to. 

Spotify also offers up new music playlists that are packed with the latest releases – and they aren’t always from artists or bands that you will hear of before. The best way to enjoy Spotify is with a subscription so that you can cut down on the adverts, and you can get a cheap Spotify premium too. Want some musical inspiration? Check out Gerard Zappa of Wooster


SoundCloud has been one of the best places to find music since its inception, and it continues to offer a great way to browse. 

Although SoundCloud has been around since 2007, SoundCloud has moved with streaming times – and has charts like New & Hot and curated lists like Chill, Party, Relax, and more. 

In 2016 SoundCloud formed a partnership with Universal Music Group, which meant SoundCloud could offer more artists and music than ever. It also meant that artists had more access to monetization options. 

Hype Machine

If you like to see music worth the hype – without the hype attached, then Hype Machine is where you should head to. It can be time-consuming if you often read blogs to look for new music, live music, and up-and-coming musicians. 

The website isn’t the best, it looks old, and in 2017 the team behind Hype Machine pleaded for people to use the site because their revenue had started to run dry. 

However, when you pull music news from 800+ blogs, you are a hub worth knowing about. 

You can check remixes online, no remixes, Bandcamp, Audius, and break it down by genre too. 

There is a huge mix, and you are very likely to find artists and music you may not find in other places. 


One of the best things about the internet is that if you love something, you are likely to find other people that love it too! Reddit is a huge website, and there are /r/ for almost anything. /r/listentothis is a great place to check out. 

The moderators post regularly with a Music Melting Pot, and you can check out everything that is new, cool, and things that you should be listening to.


Independent artists have been able to use Bandcamp to sell their music for years, and that is part of what makes it a great place to find new music. Their New and Notable is a great place to find new music and support new artists too. 

You’ll not only find new music, but if you click on an album cover that looks interesting, you can find digital albums as well as pre-order opportunities – sometimes including artwork or vinyl releases. 

What makes Bandcamp a great way to support indie artists is that there are often bios and a way to connect with the musicians too. 

Bandcamp Daily has a range of blog posts and articles that cover big names, new releases, and round-ups. 

Indie Shuffle

If obscure, unsigned niche artists and bands are your thing, then Indie Shuffle is somewhere you should head to asap. 

Their Featured Playlists have a range of the most popular tunes within each genre, but you are just as likely to find Drum & Bass as you are to find Lo-Fi Hip Hop. 

If you click the Random title in the menu, then you get a random band – but what is important is that it comes with a Sounds Like section. To give you an idea if you will like the band or not, as well as a short blurb about why they are enjoyable to listen to. 

You never have to listen to the same song twice in the same 24 hours if you don’t want to; with so many great options available – your new favorite track is minutes away. 

Maybe finding all this new music will give you some inspiration of your own to play: Why Making Music Should Be Your Next Hobby | Drunk On Pop

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