Is A Website Redesign The Key To Success?

A complete overhaul usually involves the complete transformation of the code of your website as well as its presentation. This process is similar to the demolition of a house with an irrecoverable frame, which one shaves to build a new one.

Sure, you might keep some of the hardware things like the pipes, doors, and part of the foundation, but in the end, that will all have changed. The advantage of the redesign is that it allows you to build a renewed and enhanced digital experience based on learning, and thus achieve new business objectives, granted to your market and your consumers. We identify 3 common factors that can lead a company to overhaul:

  1. Obsolete appearance: This is a fairly subjective criterion at first glance, but we have to admit that we all recognize perfectly when a site is no longer trendy in terms of graphics.
  2. An unsatisfactory user experience: Trust your analytical data, they offer good indicators, which are better to consult before going to survey your users.
  3. A drop in performance

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In short, to positively influence the performance of your marketing efforts, you must make sure that visitors to your website are able to accomplish their tasks effectively, efficiently and with satisfaction. Don’t these three words resonate with you? Wouldn’t that be the very definition of usability? Before you jump headlong into a redesign process that can be long and expensive, you obviously need to check that it is really necessary. Is your website not performing well? Does it have bugs and errors that you need to fix? If so, then an overhaul could be good. Getting a little bit of insight into your analytics will be good and also some feedback from friends and customers to see what they think. Your business is probably becoming more popular from its online presence.

Is your budget sufficient?

An overhaul can be very expensive, and the price varies from vendor to vendor. Indeed, several criteria such as the size of the site, the technology used, the design chosen and the innovation have a significant impact on the total amount of the invoice to be paid and, by the same token, on the budget to be allocated to such surgery. The key: allocate your budget according to your priorities. Do your users work in a sector where aesthetics are important? Invest more from a design perspective. Do you have a merchant website? Make sure you improve the user experience. Is your strategy focused on inbound marketing? Spend more on SEO. When redesigning a website, as in any business context, your budget should always be tailor-made, adjusted to the priorities and objectives specific to the business reality of your company. Spend money also on security. How will you protect your assets? You may want to look at Ark server hosting with fast support so that you always know you are covered.

You will also realise that the budget you have set aside and spent will pay you back in many ways.

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