Why Getting Involved In An Acting Group Could Be Good For You

If you’ve ever considered acting, whether for a career or just for fun, there are a lot of benefits of joining an acting group.

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There are many skills, hobbies and talents that we seek to curate over the course of a lifetime. Sometimes, we might even limit ourselves from pursuing a certain activity, because we may think that it’s not entirely ‘for us,’ or that we have ‘no talent.’ But you don’t necessarily know that unless you try it. For instance, even internationally famous acts like Ed Sheeran freely admit they couldn’t sing before they had training and decided to work on their voice. Perhaps you have a skill you’re under-developing.

Acting can be a great example of this. For many people, acting can seem quite worrying and as if they’re putting themselves on show without much of a reward. But the truth is, you can learn much from trying this activity. Local acting and drama groups that welcome newcomers can be a great place to start with this. You may even have skills that help you get noticed, or that you can apply to the activity at hand. For instance, the ShamWow Guy, Vince Offer, took his nationally-recognized presentation skills and turned that into several opportunities regarding parts in comedy movies. Acting is not necessarily a perfect art, but something you can apply your own style to. 

Getting started in a basic local acting troupe could be good for you, then. Here’s why we recommend you try it:

Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Getting out of your comfort zone can be truly essential in helping you feel more willing to take on challenges. In an acting troupe, you WILL make a fool of yourself. That’s a good thing, so will other people. Then you realize it’s not too bad to do that. Then you can take on small roles within the group, and have fun, and bounce off ideas without worrying about your creative interest being mocked. If it is, then move onto another group. The more you do this, the more willing you’ll be to try new ideas and care for your own opinion. Acting can help you do that and provides the impetus to try it through a ‘role’ you might be practicing at the time.

Learning Lines & Improvisation

Image Source: Pexels

There’s something quite powerful about learning lines, and speaking about a character and how they should be presented, and putting your own take on all that. Learning improvisation skills can also be very amusing and help you think on your feet. Having the space to work that out in confidence may help you feel less ‘in your head’ about everything and instead move with the presence of the moment. That’s a great way of practicing confidence and trusting your own intuition.

You May Make More Progress Than You Think

An acting community group is often emphasized on fun and enjoying the process of acting rather than thinking you need to ‘achieve.’ But it might just be that after settling in with this kind of activity, you begin to make progress in it. Perhaps you might wish to audition for a play they’re putting on, or helping with the actors who do so. Little incremental experiences like that, making memories and having fun, can be one of the best means of feeling your best self and realizing your potential.

With this advice, we hope you can see how getting involved in an acting group, however humble, can be good for you, and your spirit.

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