Ultraxenopia (Project W.A.R. #1) by M.A. Phipps

Come celebrate the release of M.A. Phipps’ new YA dystopian novel ‘Ultraxenopia’, the first in her upcoming Project W.A.R. series. While you’re here, enter the giveaway for the chance to win an Amazon gift card!

Title: Ultraxenopia
Series: Project W.A.R., #1
Author: M.A. Phipps
Genre: Dystopian, Young Adult
Release Date: December 1, 2020

About The Book: 

Betrayed by Family. Tortured by the Enemy. Destined to Destroy the World.

Wynter Reeves lives by three rules: Don’t stand out. Blend in. Remain invisible. In a world where individuality is dangerous, being forgettable keeps her alive.

Until she begins showing signs of a rare disease, drawing the unwanted attention of the State’s sinister research facility, the DSD. Apprehended against her will for testing, Wynter becomes the subject of the mysterious Dr. Richter, who is determined to make sense of her condition.

However, Dr. Richter’s intentions are less than noble, and after months of horrifying experimentation, Wynter jumps at the chance to escape her captors. But freedom isn’t what she expected, and as her symptoms worsen, she must make a choice. One that will determine not only her future…

But the fate of the world.

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Book Trailer:


Behind my closed eyelids, all I see is his face, bloodied and beaten rather than smiling—the way I wish I remembered him. The happy memories were tarnished the moment the State stepped into our lives, and now, instead of his warm voice guiding me, all I hear are the words that have tormented me for years.

Im sorry, Wynter.”

Tears stream down my cheeks, but I keep hitting the notes, the thrum of the vibrating strings reverberating into my fingertips.


The coppery stench of blood fills my nose, and the wetness tickles my lips before splashing onto the keys and across my fingers. The sound of each drop pingpingpings in my ears.


A hand reaches out and touches my shoulder, grabbing me just like the Enforcer’s hands did that day. I remember the feel of those fingers, strong and firm, as they pulled me away from my father.

Pressure balloons in my head as my lungs fill with air, bursting with a scream that rises up, pushing at the inside of my lips. I won’t let them do this to us. 

Not again. 

A stabbing pain hammers into my temples, and with a shriek, my building power rips out of my body like the lash of several dozen whips. As the pressure pushes outward, the mirrored wall shatters. 

Aside from the deafening crack of glass, the only sound that registers in my brain is a strange muffled grunt. Above me, the crystal chandelier swings from side to side as the tiles shower to the carpet like rain.

I spin on my heel, lured by the abrupt surge of energy tearing through my body like a drug, and glare down at the cowering man on the floor, his back pressed against what remains of the mirrored wall. When I take a step toward him to finish what I started, his frightened expression stays my hand. 

As he stares up at me, familiar hazel eyes wide with fear, the memory of who he is takes shape in my head, bringing me back to myself and releasing me from my temporary insanity. Horrified, I glance from the bleeding gash on Ezra’s right cheek to the glass shards scattered around us.

A single thought breaks through the fog dulling my senses. What have I done?

About The Author: 

M. A. PHIPPS is an American author who resides near the ocean in picturesque Cornwall with her husband, daughter, and their Jack Russell, Milo. A lover of the written word, it has always been her dream to become a published author, and it is her hope to expand into multiple genres of fiction.

Connect With M.A.: Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | FB Group | Newsletter

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