Tall Willows by PC Feather

Stop in and celebrate the new murder mystery/romance release from PC Feather – Tall Willows! The book is out now!

Title: Tall Willows
Author: PC Feather
Genre: Murder Mystery / Romance
Release Date: September 1, 2021

About The Book: 

For senior Ruth Willows, her last year at Golden Valley High School in Golden Valley, Colorado was to be the best year ever. That is until the drop-dead sexy cowboy love-of-her-life Ken Silver turns out to be the school’s new English teacher. When she sees him at school, she faints from the shock, crashes into a bookcase, and goes to the ER. Ken, realizing his terrible conflict of interest, goes to the ER and tells her he cannot see her anymore. 

Ruth returns to school, injured, mortified, and heart broken only to discover the district accountant shot dead in the school darkroom. If that weren’t enough, she accidentally picks up a file that the late administrator left in the school office before his death. The file contains proof that someone was embezzling funds from the school.

Ruth finds herself in the middle of the mystery. Was the administrator killed by the embezzler? Does the embezzler know this file exists? Could the murder be a coincidence? 

Tall Willows takes you to beautiful horse farms in the fictional small town of Golden Valley, Colorado, back to high school and first love, and into the mind of a crazed murderer. If you love a good mystery with a steamy side of forbidden romance, you’ll love Tall Willows.

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From Chapter 6

            “Did you see the new AP English teacher?” Paloma huffed as they took the stairs and dashed down the hall.

             “Phew!” gasped Ruth, “What smells so putrid! Thank God I did bio this summer; I’d puke if I had to stay in this wing too long!” Then she added, “What happened to Mrs. Gills? I thought she taught AP English?”

            “It’s Doctor Gills now. You can’t call her Mrs. anymore.” Paloma had Gills for homeroom. “Dr. Gills hired a new teacher for AP English, and I heard that he’s sick, like male model sick.” Paloma continued, “Missy Fairchild has him for homeroom and was texting everyone about him.”

            “Well, if he’s Missy’s type, I’m sure he’s not mine.” Ruth scoffed.

The girls rounded the corner and entered the English room. Ruth first scanned the room for empty seats. Then she checked out the new teacher. 

Ruth froze. The new AP English teacher was sick. Now she was going to be sick. Her stomach clenched, her throat tightened, she couldn’t breathe. Someone shoved her forward as they walked through the door, but her legs wouldn’t work. She had to leave. She still couldn’t breathe. She had to leave now! 

The new teacher was leaning against his desk. His long legs, stretched out in front of him, were clad in dark brown slacks. He wore a light blue button-down dress shirt and a tan blazer. He smiled that perfect smile of his as he looked at the piece of paper in his hand. Probably the attendance sheet. Has he looked at it before?  Does he know who’s in his class?

            His smile faded when his eyes reached the bottom of the page.

            Nope, he hadn’t read it before. The realization on his face clear.            

Ruth tried again to go. She couldn’t make her feet move. She still couldn’t breathe. She remembered her shoulders twisting, and when she saw the door, someone had closed it. She reached for the knob, but suddenly everything swirled in front of her eyes before it all went black.

About The Author: 

PC Feather feels blessed. She has lived and traveled from Maine to California. She’s had the opportunity to work many many jobs from Actor to Zookeeper. Currently, PC Feather lives in Monmouth County, New Jersey where she cares for sport horses, shows horses in dressage, and is a certified equine massage therapist.

Connect With PC: Website | Book Site | Facebook | Instagram

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