Tips for Showcasing the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence to Skeptics

Artificial intelligence, or AI technology, has helped shape the direction of technology and how we interact with our device, yet some are still skeptical about their benefits. Here are some ways to sell AI to people that just aren’t sure yet.

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The goals for AI have been to make machine learning much more intelligent in its processing power of data and what it can do. To the point that it has the ability to automatically learn and transform data like humans, and even better than us. The lengths of what has been achieved are vast and it is going to keep evolving with time. According to Dee Agarwal and many other experts, AI has been a tremendous help during the global pandemic. 

From the gaming industry to law enforcement, and healthcare, these are just the tip of the iceberg on the sectors that have been dominated. It can be said that AI technology is everywhere. But what about our everyday lives? How much has it impacted us and what are a few of the things that have evolved that we have begun to interact with consistently? Here those questions will be answered with two channels that it has greatly impacted us with on a daily basis and how AI techniques work to elevate the experience.  

Social Media

Social media is vast with the integration of Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and many other platforms. There has been a big impact on social media and you may have noticed how deep AI processing power has come. With the outcry of Facebook and Google’s reach and the concerns that came with it, the data that is consistently mined had people considering many changes in their interactions with big platforms at a time. However, social media has massively contributed to people’s lives concerning personal and business interactions. 

Image Source: Pexels

The way that AI is used in social media is to repetitively analyze the incoming data and dissect patterns that emerge. This allows it to learn and accurately apply its programming through text, algorithms, pictures, advertising, and many other tasks. Supporting it to automatically sift through negative and positive content and detect what needs to be removed, promoted to your feed, or even translated through the natural language processing programming. Deep learning follows your behavior and determines what you want to see which is how algorithms promote marketing campaigns and posts.      

Computers and Phones

Your devices are integrated with artificial intelligence computer vision advancements, especially with graphical processing units. Allowing you to rake in on the experience that is afforded to you while adding security into the mix. This again is done through the deep learning of data that we consistently provide to make improvements and allow different applications on your devices to work. They pick up on recognition programming and create the sensors for:

  • Acquiring images and videos to process, identify, and detect objects while giving you the capability to alter and adjust them at will.  
  • Helping to detect your biometrics and facial recognition for security purposes.
  • Natural language processing, the Internet of Things, and its microprocessors allow a device to detect languages and help you to search for different information at amazing speeds.   
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