5 Entertaining Birthday Gifts Every ‘90s Kid Will Love

Nostalgia is having a moment right now from Y2K fashion making a come back and every 90s show and movie getting a reboot, and the people are living for it! Stop in to find some amazing 90s inspired gifts to get your fave almost 30 year old!

Birthdays are a time to show appreciation and love with thoughtful gifts once a year. However, the older you get, the more challenging it is to be creative about your gifts. Well, the good news is that the ‘90s nostalgia never dies, and if your loved one is a ‘90s kid, there are so many unique and entertaining gift ideas! Here are a few you should consider.

Get them collectibles from their favorite TV show

The ‘90s came with the best shows! From sitcoms such as Friends to beloved animated shows like The Powerpuff Girls, you would definitely have a show you could not wait to come on. And so would your loved ones. Surprise them on their birthday with a collectible from their favorite TV show. Luckily, these are easy to find! Suppose they are fans of Dragon Ball Z, you can get them some dragonball figures. You can also get a t-shirt, cosplay items, or even cookbooks to bring show dishes to life!

An original Tamagotchi

With technology making life easier and efficient, taking care of your Tamagotchi is now a digital experience you can get by downloading the app. But, it is safe to say authentic ‘90s kids do miss having the retro handheld Tamagotchi. That is why getting a retro Tamagotchi pet for your loved one as a birthday gift is a perfect idea. The great news is, you don’t have to go through the risk of an unfruitful search through eBay or Craigslist to find one. You can purchase an original Tamagotchi from your local Target store.

Image Source: The Verge

Nickelodeon slime kit

Do you remember how fun being slimed looked on live television? Well, if your loved one found the idea particularly exciting, you may be able to help them out partially, that is. No one is ever too old to have a bit of slimy fun. The Nickelodeon slime would have you smiling like a five-year-old as you create your slime. Although you may not get to be slimed on live TV, you can create an Instagram or Facebook live session to invite everyone to watch you get slimed live.

Friendship bracelet

A cute friendship bracelet is the best birthday to give your friend. Remember the pride you felt knowing your best friends were out there being true to the friendship by wearing your matching bracelets? Why should adulthood change that? Whether you kept a friendship bracelet or not as a child, these were pretty trendy pieces of jewelry in the ‘90s. You can follow tutorials online on how to make a friendship bracelet. You can also visit online shopping sites such as Amazon and Etsy to purchase one. 

Magic 8 ball

Are you a true ‘90s kid if you did not appreciate the magic of the 8-ball? If your loved one needs a reason to make some “necessary” decisions or needs some life advice, you can get them a magic 8-ball to help with that. You can purchase fun-looking magic 8-balls of different colors to make theirs a little more unique. 

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