Battle of the Bullies by Fenyx Blue

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Title: Battle of the Bullies
Author: Fenyx Blue
Genre: Young Adult / Contemporary Fiction
Publisher: Wisdom Works
Release Date: October 28, 2020
Book Tour: Rockstar Book Tours

About The Book: 

Ebony, Eris, and Emani Robertson have been through so much more than most high school freshmen. When they were younger, they survived a school shooting that killed their friend and left their oldest sister unable to speak. After giving homeschooling a try, they enroll in a promising new academy, hoping for the best.The Robertsons soon discover, however, that their new classmates are anything but kind. A mysterious group of bullies known as the Dimes rules the hallways and spreads fear everywhere they go. All three sisters end up being targets of the gang and have to find a way to defend themselves.The triplets couldn’t be more different, but their loyalty to each other and to their school never fails. Along with diverse group of friends, the Robertsons do everything they can to uncover the identity of the Dimes and restore order to the school.As if their lives weren’t complicated enough, they also get sucked in to a much bigger game—discovering who was responsible for the attack on their old school. Can they bring down the Dimes and bring the murderer to justice, all while trying to make it through ninth grade?

“Bullying is a topic that needs to continue to be discussed, and I’m so happy to see these types of stories being written. This was an interesting mix of high school drama, bullying, and sisterly relationships.”― She Just Loves Books

“As someone who dealt with many bullies in school, I was a little nervous about reading this, but knew I needed to. I honestly wish I’d been able to read this book back then. It might be a young adult book, but it has a depth and complexity to it that I wasn’t expecting. Bullies, racism, friendship, love, and family populate this story. I highly recommend this to any teens struggling with bullies and to anyone who has dealt with them in the past.” ―Goodreads Review

“Tackling violence in schools is a challenge, but Battle of the Bullies does so with strong, optimistic characters that embrace life a refuse to take a back seat in conflict.” ―A Dream Within A Dream

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An excerpt from Anonymous

Ican’t be late.

If I’m late, they won’t let me in. I’ll be disqualified. This is the year  I win. I can’t be disqualified. 

I glance in the mirror and adjust my heather gray hood, slide on my  black sunglasses, tug on my gloves, and step out of the car. According to  my navigation system, this vacant house is my destination, and I have  arrived. Eight cars are already here. 

The white FOR SALE sign in the lawn gives me some comfort that  we may be safe here, but this annual meeting is risky. Having all of us  in one place tonight could mean revealing our identities to outsiders.  Anonymity is our strongest weapon. We can never lose it. 

I glance at the cars, trying to match them to possible members in  my mind. One license plate reads QT PIE. How can we be a secret  organization with our cars on display like this? How can we remain secret  if members refuse to be discreet? 

My phone says 9:59 p.m. I throw it in the back seat where it slides  under my AP Physics book. I have to be inside this house by 10:01 p.m.  Forget force, mass, or acceleration. I need to run. 

Ten steps. I climb ten more giant steps, sliding into the room as the  clock hand clicks into place. 


A girl locks the door behind me. 

An envelope with my pseudonym written on it is on my chair. I am  the ninth girl to sit down. I resist the urge to sit at the head of the table,  but inside I know this is where I deserve to sit. 

One year of effort comes down to this moment. I did my best. Ten  people dropped out of school because of me. No one at this table should  be able to beat that stat. 

Last year, tears fell because of me! Terror reigned because of me! Break  ups, friendships lost, hearts broken….all due to me! But will it be enough  to be Number One? 

An Excerpt from Eris

Th e  l o c ke r r o o m  i s  s i le n t  af te r  t h e  v a r s it y  g i r l s  w h i p  u s  for the fifth time since

we’ve been practicing together. The silence allows me to channel  my big sister Ebony’s zen energy. I decide to give an Ebony-type  motivational speech when one of my teammates says she’s thinking about  

quitting and trying out for either dance or cheerleading. Is she kidding? I’ve seen my baby sister Emani dance and it ain’t easy  to do. My teammate can’t even make it through practice without her  asthma medicine. There is no way she could do dance at C.I.A. Emani  says those girls practice longer than we do. 

I want to tell her that, but instead I stick to the Ebony-style  motivational speech. 

“Do you guys think those varsity girls were always that good? They  were not. All of them used to be us. The difference is that they have not  quit. We have. Some of you quit before we even go on the court. You  think you’ve failed so you fail. Well, I’m no failure. I’m a winner. If you  think you can win, shout yes!” 

Two of my teammates shout yes. The rest sit silently watching the  varsity girls enter the locker room as they sing their usual victory chant.  Maybe I should have asked Ebony to write a speech for me because my  teammates are more focused on the varsity’s chant than they were on my  “motivational” speech. 

“1-1-2-2-3-3. No one beats varsity. 1-1-2-2-3-3. No one beats varsity.  1-1-2-2-3-3. No one beats varsity.” 

I hate their chant. 

“No one but me,” I say under my breath as I slam my gym locker  closed. 

An Excerpt from Ebony

This week, my anonymous school survey seems to be a complete  success. I’ve walked around the school visiting homerooms, telling them  my story. Most of them somewhat know about my old school’s bombings.  I answer their questions and offer a few of my best ideas for making  changes at this school. School safety may be my platform. I haven’t fully  decided. 

The students have responded to my one-question survey in large  numbers. The only question I asked is this: “If you could change one  thing about this school, what would it be?” Replies can be anonymous,  and are confidential. 

Long lunch lines—Why do upperclassmen  

go first? —Anonymous 

Theft—They stole my inhaler. I could have died  

from an asthma attack. —Anonymous

Lies—I have never had plastic surgery—I am  

not even done growing yet. Why would I need  

liposuction or any kind of work done on my lips,  

nose, or assets? No more lies, please. —Anonymous 

Fees—I had to pay for books that someone  

else ruined! —Anonymous. 

Rumors—They planted roaches in my locker,  

and everyone saw them crawl out. I was  

humiliated. I may not be live in a mansion, but  

we don’t have ROACHES! —Anonymous 

Favoritism—I may not be a millionaire’s kid or  

have a famous last name, but I deserve the same  

education—even from student teachers. —Anonymous 

Teasing—Everyone says I smell bad! —Anonymous 

Confidentiality—They told everyone I had  

to cut my hair because I had lice. I’m sure I  

didn’t tell anyone but the nurse about that!  

She should be fired! —Anonymous 

Peer Pressure!!! —Anonymous 

Bullying—Check the internet . . . you’re  

on there, too. Sorry. —Anonymous 

Gangs . . . oops, I mean the Dimes. —Anonymous 

As I look through the rest of the surveys, one name continuously  appears: Dimes. 

About The Author: 

If author Fenyx Blue actually had a tattoo, it would be a heart. Ms. Blue has written every book with love. Blue is a teacher, coach, mentor, and motivational speaker focused on women and youth empowerment. She has written a young adult novel about bullying entitled Who Failed Johnny?, a poetry book about purpose named The Blue Ink Movement, and a children’s book about the power of a solid father daughter relationship called Worth the Weight.

Fenyx believes in service to the community. After being chosen as teacher of the year for her school district, she continued to mentor teenagers and facilitate discussions about controversial topics like drugs, sex, violence, cyberbullying and mental health. She has been a guest poet for several women’s retreats and workshops and loves the energy she receives from a live audience.

Throughout her years as an educator and youth ministry leader, Blue created Team Bully-Free Forever, a poetry team for her school, and a mentoring group called D.I.V.A.S to address the needs of young people. She is dedicated to teaching the next generation to follow their dreams and feels it is her mission to equip them for the future. Ms. Fenyx Blue is a proud mother of three beautiful children who inspire her to write each day.

Connect With Fenyx: Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Amazon | YouTube

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