A Captivating Touch: Prequel (Cavallo Brothers Series) by Elsa Winckler

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Title: A Captivating Touch: Prequel
Series: Cavallo Brothers (Prequel)
AuthorElsa Winckler
Genre:Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: March 9, 2021

About The Book: 

A Captivating Touch book coverDiscover beautiful South Africa in this sweet, heart-warming Cinderella story about a blogger, a billionaire, and one chance meeting.

When it comes to men, if physiotherapist Caitlin Sutherland didn’t have bad luck, she’d have no luck at all. To help cope, Caitlin blogs about the men she meets and the bad dates she’d gone on.

While on duty during the annual Wines to Whales bicycle race, a gorgeous, sweaty cyclist walks in and sets her hormones dancing. But he is Don Cavallo; one of the four Cavallo brothers — hotel tycoons, famous as much for their business skills as for the number of beauties seen on their arms.

Billionaire Don Cavallo has his own issues with the other sex. He has yet to find one who is interested in him, not his money or hotels. But when this sexy physio puts her hands on his back, she not only touches his body, but also his heart.

They’ve both been burned before, but neither of them can stop themselves from playing with fire.

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Caitlin stared at him for another minute before she was sure she could string a few words together. “Don, you…me…” She shook her head and grimaced. “We live in two completely different worlds; we have nothing in common. You are…you, the papers are full of your businesses. I’m a physiotherapist from Hermanus. I don’t think—”

“Then don’t. Think, that is.” He smiled. “You do know that you can’t believe everything you read in the papers. And I happen to like this physiotherapist from Hermanus.”

She looked at him a moment longer. This was so not what she should be doing. Hannah’s warning and her own misgivings about him swirled around in her head.

His gaze never left hers.

She was a big girl. And if she prepared herself for the worst, then surely she’d be fine.

“Where? I’ll meet you—”

“I’ll pick you up,” he said and lowered his head.

“You don’t know where I live and I always drive myself,” she managed just before his lips touched hers lightly.

She was speechless for the second time within a few seconds and her breath hitched in her throat. Her lips opened and his tongue dove in.

His hands folded over hers and except for his mouth, he wasn’t touching her anywhere else. But with just that contact he nearly had her whimpering and begging for more.

Wow, this guy knew how to kiss, was the last coherent thought she had time for. Then a torrent simply picked her up and dragged her along. His lips were warm, wet, and unrelenting. She was unable to do anything else but kiss him back.

After hours, minutes, seconds had passed, a car horn hooted nearby and he lifted his head slowly, his hands still covering hers.

“You can’t kiss me. I don’t know you,” she whispered and realized immediately how ridiculous it sounded.

He just lifted an eyebrow and stared at her mouth.

Muttering, she got into her car and tried to close the door. She had to get away from this guy. His presence alone made her behave in ways that she wouldn’t have thought possible. What was wrong with her?

Don closed the door and bent down. “Friday night,” he said, and put a finger on her lips.

Before she could do anything, he’d stepped back.

In a daze, she drove away. Just before she turned to the right, she looked in her rearview mirror. Don was standing where she’d left him, looking after her.

It was only while she was parking her car in her garage, that she realized she’d been smiling idiotically all the way from the restaurant.

About The Author: 

Elsa Winckler author bioI write love stories because I love reading them. I like the heroines to be feisty, independent and headstrong. And the heroes must be strong but possess a generous amount of sensitivity and should of course, be gorgeous!

Connect With Elsa: Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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