It’s a Zin to Tell a Lie (Love in Wine Country) by Pamela Gibson

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Title: It’s a Zin to Tell a Lie
Series: Love in Wine Country
AuthorPamela Gibson
Genre:Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Release Date: February 3, 2021

About The Book: 

It's A Zin To Tell A Lie Book CoverEmma Bradford, world class pianist, is tired of living out of suitcases and wants to change her career. When she returns to Napa to consider her options and play for a friend’s wedding, she discovers a nasty surprise. The man who called off their engagement two years ago will also be there and there’s no way to avoid him.

Antonio Reynoso is a dissolute playboy living on a Caribbean island. At least that’s what he’s let his family believe. He’s purposely stayed away so he won’t be tempted to break a promise and try to win back the only woman he’s ever loved.

But when he and Emma are unexpectedly thrown together during a violent storm, Antonio’s resolve begins to weaken and he wonders if leaving her had been a mistake. His wine country family says yes, and with a little well-intentioned meddling, he and Emma might just get a second chance.

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Emma padded back in wearing baggy yoga pants and a long T-shirt. She’d combed her hair and secured it loosely with a scrunchie. The pants were a bit short, but she looked more comfortable.

“The pearls are a nice touch.”

“I’d take them off, but I don’t want to lose them.”

“Your mom’s. I remember.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and curled up in one of the blankets. The walls seemed to be shaking, and a roaring gust blew open the French doors to the balcony, knocking over the lamp while several perfume bottles on the dresser flew across the room.  Emma screamed. Tony leaped up and strained to close and lock the doors.

“We’re going to have to move the dresser in front. Are you up to the challenge?”

“Tell me what to do.”

“Go over to the closet and slip into whatever shoes can cover most of your feet. Then help me push this sucker over to the doors.” He’d already moved the chair out of the way. They worked together and inched the heavy piece of furniture. When it was positioned in front of the doors, they both collapsed on the bed.

“My arms feel like lead weights,” she said.

“What are you talking about? Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t have done better.”


Tony rolled onto his side, propping his head on his hand. “Em, try to get some sleep. You have to be exhausted.”

“I can’t. Are we going to die, Tony?”

“No.” He drew back the bed covers. “Crawl in and lie down.” He turned off one of the two battery-operated candles, filling the room with a soft glow, then lay down next to her and brought her in close to his body. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

He arranged his arm under her and tucked her head against his shoulder. She closed her eyes and, with body heat keeping her warm, exhaustion won and she finally fell asleep.

God, he loved this woman. How could he have let her go? Her career sounded draining rather than exciting, and it made him rethink the conversations they had about how she wanted something different…a home, children, him.

He tightened his hold and buried his nose in her hair. It smelled like lavender. If he kissed her, she would taste like peppermints. No, she said she didn’t have any. She’d taste like zinfandel.

His heart thumped as his throat tightened. Had he thrown away the only woman who ever meant anything to him because of a lie? Had her father lied to him when he said she was hell-bent on a career and would resent him if he married her and kept her and her incredible talent buried in the Napa Valley?

He was so convincing. But he’s a lawyer. It was his job to be convincing.

Emma had sounded tired. Defeated.

He tightened his hold as the hurricane whistled and thundered around them, the sounds as loud as a jet engine, the walls shaking.

He’d promised to keep her safe. God, he hoped he could manage it.

About The Author: 

Pamela Gibson author bioAuthor of eight books on California history and fifteen romance novels, Pamela Gibson is a former City Manager who lives in the Nevada desert. Having spent the last three years messing about in boats, a hobby that included a five-thousand-mile trip in a 32-foot Nordic Tug, she now spends most of her time indoors happily reading, writing, cooking and keeping up with the antics of Ralph, the Rescue Cat.

Connect With Pamela: Website | Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter | Instagram | BookBub

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