Finding Fate by Keelan Storm

Her whole world fell apart. When she tries to piece it back together, will she stumble or soar? Come in to learn more about Finding Fate, a young adult novel by Keelan Storm

Title: Finding Fate
AuthorKeelan Storm
Published By: Jaiten Press; 2nd edition
Genre: Young Adult
Release Date: February 20, 2021

About The Book: 

Isabel Dearly is tired of feeling depressed. Still grieving over the death of her father from cancer seven months ago, the seventeen-year-old has immersed herself in dance. But just as she’s starting to emerge from the darkness, she’s brutally betrayed by the handsome boy she’d only recently begun to date.

Rescued by her best friend, Isabel falls into his arms… and his bed. And when the consequences threaten her career options, she fears she may never be happy again.

Can Isabel figure out her future when the complications of the present refuse to let her go?

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That’s the anger that gets to me,” he rasped, his voice as intense as his gaze. She tried to respond, but his lips crushed against hers so fast she barely saw it coming.

Isabel struggled against him; her anger strengthened at her defenselessness, fueling the command of his lips against hers and bringing thoughts of their last physical encounter to the forefront of her mind.

The powerful memories triggered her tears, and she fought desperately to control them. She didn’t want Wesley to see how weak he made her feel, but the seconds ticked by like hours. Close to giving up and letting the traitorous tears flow at will, she jolted when his grip was suddenly torn from her.

He struggled to hold on, reluctant to let go, and Isabel stumbled forward with his pull, barely managing to balance herself. She looked up just in time to see Tucker pull back his arm to strike Wesley in the nose with his tightly clenched fist.

It all seemed so repetitive, happening in slow motion as it had the time before. Even her attacker and her savior were the same, but this time, oddly enough, she could control the tears, could see it all unfold.

Tucker’s arm retracted as Wesley fell backward among the long, metal benches of the stands, his face stunned at the unexpected intrusion and blow. Tucker used his other arm to pull Isabel behind him in fierce protection.

Wesley stood back up, blood seeping rapidly from his nose, dripping down from his jaw and staining his T-shirt a deep, crimson red. The sight of the fast, oozing blood should have been enough to hold her gaze, but something about his eyes caught her attention as he lunged for Tucker. There was fury in his glare, so powerful that her fear shot up in escalation.

Somehow, things seemed to move blindingly fast and decrepitly slow at the same time. She took everything in sluggishly, as if her mind couldn’t process it was actually happening, but the events unfolded too fast for her, for anyone, to have even a fighting chance of stopping it…

About The Author: 

An author of young adult and coming-of-age romance, Keelan Storm brings readers pages packed with drama, heat, and emotionally heartfelt moments you won’t want to put down. With her soap opera style Tied by Fate series, you’ll find unwavering friendship, unpredictable twists and turns, swoon-worthy romance, and a fun cast of characters you can’t help but adore.

Keelan lives in Texas with her husband and two children, and when she isn’t writing, she enjoys reading, taking midnight drives, pretty much anything teal, and inhaling unhealthy amounts of iced coffee.

Connect With Keelan: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Newsletter

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