How To Spend Your Time On Social Media

Social media is important to stay connected. Get the most out of social media this year with our below tips to look out for.

Social media is an important, whether it’s for personal connection or to help grow your business. It connects us with people all over the world, expanding our community, spreading news, and marketing our businesses. Hang out with us and learn some tips to use social media for your benefit.

Facebook Groups

There are Facebook groups for everything these days and you can really find your people on there. If you have a certain illness or issue you are dealing with they have support groups where you can post for advice and help from people who are also dealing with it and you can offer your guidance if you have experienced something similar to them and they need help. The same for any food issues, there are groups for dairy and wheat allergy sufferers that show new products that are available and share their meals and dinners to help inspire you. There are also groups for make-up tips, entertainment, and basically any interest you can have. 

Celebrity Fan Accounts On Instagram

Celebrities that are on Instagram now sharing their lives and exciting upcoming projects they are working on. Everyone loves following celebrities on Instagram, who wouldn’t? They share an insight into their lives that you wouldn’t see. However, something to look out for as well as the fan accounts. Some of them may just repost what that particular celebrity is posting but there are some of the really interesting fan accounts of celebrities that share all sorts of things like sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes shots. As well as showing you information about that particular celebrity, and old pictures of the celebrity, some of which you may not have seen before. Some of them are certainly creative and can offer you more than what the celebrities post. It is certainly a good idea to give them a follow alongside the celebrity you know and love.

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Tik Tok Trends

From dances to obscure recipes Tik Tok has certainly taken over the world lately. With all the 2020 nonsense it has kept people busy during lockdowns and given them something new to focus on. What started out as a lot of quick dance routines to learn the platform has now grown into something for everyone. So if you are interested in making food platters, there are accounts to show you how to do that. There are also accounts that show you how to fold your clothes into the smallest way to save storage space in your drawers. 

The Twitter Network

Twitter is a great platform that is overlooked quite a bit apart from the normal following celebrities it can be used in a whole range of other ways to benefit you and others. You can follow people in your field and offer each other feedback on the work and achievements you have made. You can express yourself in a limited amount of characters whether that is something really on topic with what is going on in the world, sharing your knowledge, or just sharing random thoughts you have had like ‘why can’t I lick my elbow’. Twitter gives you the chance to speak to people all over the world and from sharing retweets you can meet new people with shared interests. 

Learning New Things On YouTube

Youtube gives you the chance to learn something new without having to pay for a class or do a whole host of other things you have no interest in. There are how-to guides on DIY and fixing things around the house, so next time you need to do something you are not sure of, check for a YouTube video first before paying someone to do it for you. There are more videos are showing different recipes and step-by-step on how to make some fabulous dishes than you can imagine including most of the time celebrity chefs so you can watch a video and follow through with them while you are doing the dinner. You can learn a new language, to play an instrument, and learn how to do your makeup in a more expert way as well as how to get through bits on video games you are stuck at as people will show you how to do it and how to do bonus things you may not have even known about. 

So get the most out of your social media platforms this year and beyond. Try using it to learn new things, discover new things and people to follow, and find a support network out there in the world, especially if it is something you might be struggling with or feel like you are alone. Chances are a lot of other people are experiencing this as well. There is so much more to these platforms than just consuming mindless content, there’s a whole other world out there.

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