The Dos And Don’ts Of Recording Good Music At Home

Recording music from home can be one of the most efficient and satisfying ways to enjoy your love of music. However, if you’re just getting started, you’ll benefit from learning the dos and don’ts.

Do Use The Right Room

You can’t just pick any room and start making music in there. Ideally, you should pick somewhere big, quiet, and with hardwood floors. This is because bigger rooms have less reflected sound and better reverb.

A quiet room will keep outside noise out of your songs, and a carpet will absorb higher frequencies – bad for your acoustics. You should be able to make any room that fits this criteria work.

Don’t Use An Untreated Recording Space

An untreated room will ruin your recording. See if you can use acoustic panels, bass traps, and diffusers to treat your room and enhance the quality of your home recorded music. This will improve the acoustics – even soundclick instrumentals won’t be able to improve a song created in an untreated recording space.

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Do Keep Up That Momentum

Don’t put away your equipment if you want to keep up momentum. It’s all too easy to think you’ll take a little break and tidy your equipment away, but once it’s out of the way, you don’t have a lot of room for inspiration to strike. When inspiration hits, it’s better if you can get to work as soon as possible. It’s how all of the greats do it!

Don’t Worry About Having To Buy Fancy Recording Equipment

You don’t need the fanciest recording equipment – many great home recorded songs have been recorded with a smartphone. If you can buy some basic equipment, that’s great. Just know you don’t have to.

Do Know How To Use What You’ve Got

Although you don’t need recording equipment, you should use the best stuff you can afford if you’re going to buy equipment. Just make sure you know how to use it so you can enjoy its full potential! Practice with it, watch tutorials, and read the instructions back to front. Make sure you’re really squeezing the best out of the equipment that you buy.

Don’t Edit Your Creativity

Write down every idea you have, even if you may not use it right now. The worst thing you can do if you want to record music, or take on any creative endeavor, is edit yourself. Refusing to edit your ideas will give you lots to work with later on, and you might even find a way to make weird and wonderful ideas work. Don’t dismiss an idea in the moment or you might regret it later on. Write everything down and carry a notebook with you at all times! Many great songwriters even get their ideas from dreams!

Get a Good Drum Machine

If you want to make music you’ll need best drum machine for live performance. Invest in a user-friendly drum machine that has a natural sound to it. Do shop around for the best sound that you can find. A good drum machine will be the backbone of your sound.

Once you have the drum machine that you’re looking for, be sure, and spend a long time learning how to use it. Get used to experimenting with it until you feel completely at ease with the way that it works.

How are you planning on recording good music at home? Everybody does it slightly differently, but this advice should help you to get started and feel good about what you can create. Leave your own thoughts and advice below!

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