Celebrating new release, ‘Jealous’ + Interview with Hatty Keane

Come celebrate the release of Hatty Keane’s new single ‘Jealous’ – out today – and catch our interview with the English singer/songwriter!

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Hey everyone! We had the chance to do a quick interview with BGM Entertainment’s Hatty Keane as she geared up for her newest single release. The song, Jealous, is out today, and available now on Spotify!

Hatty Keane is an English singer/songwriter based in London. She’s still in her early 20s and has already run up and impressive resume like opening for JLS on their Farewell tour, and supported other big names like Ed Sheeran and Rudimental.

She has a soulful sound to her voice with a beautiful tone, which pairs well with the rhythm of Jealous. The song itself is a soulful-pop track with catchy lyrics that allow her voice to soar. It’s a song that’s been stuck in my head for days, and I could easily hear it getting played on the radio. I’m excited to see what else is in store for us from Hatty!

Check out our interview with Hatty Keane below, and don’t forget to buy/download Jealous now!

Drunk On Pop: What’s an average day like for you?

Hatty Keane: I spend most of my time at BGM HQ. Usually rehearsing in our live room and then in sessions or brainstorming in the office about our next moves.

hatty_keane_jealous_single_release_promotional_photo_single_cover_photoDOP: What was the moment in your life that you realized you wanted to do music as a career, not just a hobby?

HK: I knew when I left school that music was the path I was going to follow, I had other options but my passion for music was the thing that got me out of bed every morning.

DOP: What was the last show you binge watched?

HK: Chilling adventures of Sabrina!

DOP: Who is someone you’d love to collaborate with or tour with?

HK: Miguel – that voice!

DOP: Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?

HK: Yes in the early days I couldn’t eat anything on the day of a performance but now I look forward to it! I think experience helps massively with nerves.

DOP: What inspires you? Musically, artistically, personally?

HK: Musically im inspired by sounds from the past, I try to bring a touch of retro to everything I do.
I want my music to take the listener on a journey, through both the sounds and the lyrics as if they are watching a film. I guess that’s the artistic side. Personally I’m inspired by the people around me and I use that positive energy to put into what I am creating.

DOP: If you could only choose one song to play when you walk into a room for the rest of your life, which would it be and why?

Hatty_keane_artist_photoHK: “You make me feel” Aretha Franklin but the performance from the Kennedy Center Honors 2015. The passion in this performance is so emotional and it just puts a big smile on my face.

DOP: Can you tell us a bit more about your new single Jealous?

HK: Jealous is a funky little song with a killer bassline and catchy lyrics. It was inspired by my own relationships, when im in love I tend to get a bit “over protective” of my man!

DOP: Is this a start of an album or EP?

HK: It is the start of an album but for now there will be plenty of singles being pushed out.

DOP: Is it a new direction for you musically, or did you know what kind of record you wanted to make when you sat down?

HK: Yes Jealous is going in a slightly different direction with more soulful influences and less electronic sounds, it wasn’t planned but I’m in love with the new direction.

DOP: What’s up next for you?

HK: Lots of singles and live performances for 2019.

Massive thanks again to Hatty Keane for taking some time to answer some of our questions. We really LOVE her new song Jealous and know you will too! Don’t forget to add it on Spotify, and keep your ears out for new music coming soon! You can buy and stream her previous releases like Me! and Silly Fool on Spotify and Apple Music!

You can connect with Hatty Keane on Twitter, InstagramFacebook and her website.

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