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Reading is a true love of mine, and I believe you should share your loves with the world. So why not wear your favorite books? Stop in to learn more about Literary Book Gifts (which I LOVE) and grab a 20% off discount code!

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Hey guys! Melissa from Literary Book Gifts reached out to me recently about their products and I wanted to share them with you all! She makes different merchandise, my favorite being their t-shirts, that are inspired by some of our favorite books. Their shirt sizes go from XS to 3XL in both womens and mens, and you can choose from more than 10 different color options! As a book lover who also loves graphic tees, I am so obsessed. I think my favorite one is the Ode on a Grecian Urn or the Book End shirts, but I also kind of love the Moby Dick one…. something about a whale head on a shirt just really gets me, ya know?

Literary Book Gifts have been very kind and sent us over a 20% off code – DRUNKONPOP20 – that has no minimum purchase requirement and no expiration date! So you guys can use it again and again, on whatever you want, whenever you want!

Mission Statement

F-Scott-Fitzgerald-The Beautiful-and-Damned-Tote-BagLiterary Book Gifts is an exciting new company that is dedicated to making book related merchandise. Showcasing everything from F. Scott Fitzgerald The Beautiful and Damned to gifts for Pride and Prejudice fans there is something for everyone. Products come in a wide range of men’s shirts, women’s shirts, and tote bags!

Great books are meant to be commemorated and shared. I believe that placing books onto shirts and bags is a great transition to a conversation starter that can really not be done through just reading a book yourself.


Melissa Chan loves to read and has a background in graphic design. She started Literary Book Gifts as a way to bring books to life on comfortable clothing and stylish bags.

Featured Products

The-Call-of-the-Wild-T-Shirt literary book giftsThe Call of the Wild T-Shirt Jack London wrote some amazing stories about survival, adventure, and of course dogs. This women’s shirt comes in 14 different color choices and in sizes from XS to 3XL.

Frankenstein Tote Bag Mary Shelley wrote this beloved classic so many years ago but it remains increasingly relevant to this day. Every tote bag comes in three different sizes. The largest being 18×18 and the smallest 13×13.

And don’t forget guys: You can use code DRUNKONPOP20 for 20% off your order! This is not an affiliate code, and I do not receive any profit from you using this code! I just really love what Literary Book Gifts are making and think you will do! The code doesn’t expire, and there’s not minimum purchase amount to use it. Enjoy! 

And as a side note – In their mission statement they mention that putting books onto things like shirts and tote bags can be a conversation starter, and I just wanted to share a personal story of just how true this is. One of my best friends (and one of my longest friendships) actually sparked into something deeper because….. she had…. a TWILIGHT TOTE BAG. I know, we’ve really expanded our literary horizons since then. As I’ve gotten older, and I get closer to my 10 year high school reunion, I realize how much I actually had in common with my classmates but never knew. I never would have known my friend liked things I liked, I never would have even thought to ask, but because she wore one of her interests on her bag it sparked a conversation and we’ve been friends now for about 12 years! Share your Literary Book Gifts on IG and Twitter and tag me in them so I can see your gifts! xx Rae

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