3 Tips for Creatives to Cash In On Their Passion

It’s hard to make money when your passion is something creative. Stop in for some tips on how to earn at least a little bit more cash doing something that you love!

3 Tips for Creatives to Cash In On Their Passion guest post banner drunk on pop

When it comes to creative careers, it’s easy to assume that unless you make it big then it’s not something you can pay the bills with. And while it would of course be fantastic to become the next bestselling author or overnight pop sensation. It’s more than possible to earn money and make a career doing something you love and are passionate about. And when it comes down to it, a job that you really enjoy and care about is about as good as it gets – who wouldn’t want to get paid for doing something they love? Here are a few ideas for making money in creative careers. No ‘big break’ needed.


If you’re a proficient writer, then you will be pleased to know that your skills are in very high demand, and there are a number of ways to turn this into a career. Companies are always in need of content for websites and blogs, and will be actively seeking those who can create incredible written content. You could sign up to a freelancing site and write articles for clients on here; this makes a good side hustle as it’s flexible. Another great option would be to start a blog, as this way you get full control over what you right. It does take time and hard work to get a blog established to the point that you will be offered paid work, however, once you reach this stage it can be an easy way to earn money. Sponsored opportunities generally pay well, and while the work can be unreliable you could always work part-time freelancing and make up the cash you need that way if you’re having a slow month.

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Maybe you studied design at college or university, or perhaps you’re self-taught but aren’t sure how to use your skills to pay the bills. As with writing, one place to look is freelancing sites as they almost always have jobs for designers. You could make your own creations and sell them on an online marketplace like eBay or Etsy, or you could set up your own website. A web design company could set up something custom for you, where you could sell anything from poster prints to greetings cards or clip art and much more that you have created. You could also offer custom work which will generate extra cash – things like website header design and logo design are always needed by businesses.


If music is your passion and you have skills and experience in creating your own music, there are lots of ways you can make money by doing so. You could form a band, and find locations looking for live music who are willing to pay. Check classified sites online for people seeking band members or create your own ad. Teaching and tutoring can also be quite lucrative; people are willing to pay good money especially for one on one music sessions. If you get a lot of customers, you could open up business premises, or you could have students come to your home.

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