Blogging 101: How to Inject Authenticity And Personality Into Your Content

When starting a blog it’s important to find your own voice, and showcase your own personality to your readers so you can stand out. Stop by to learn some great, helpful tips!

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There are many reasons why you may want to start a blog, but for the most part, it’s to have a corner of the world where you are entirely true to yourself. It’s where you can share stories and opinions about your life and hopefully connect with other people from all over the world. Eventually, you may want to turn your passion into a business which you may also be reliant on to fund your lifestyle. But this is where it can get blurry because it’s very tempting to follow everybody else and be just another generic space on the internet. But the reason why you have a following is because you are a unique person that other people rely on just to be that, entirely one of a kind. Making sure that your authenticity and personality don’t veer away from your blog is one of the most if not the absolutely most important thing. Without you being you, there isn’t really much point to having a space that was created for that purpose.

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Document your experiences

If you write pieces about your everyday experiences or perhaps your holidays, it’s much better to have an accurate report of the day. Many bloggers will come home and recite what happened, using just their memory. You must realize that there are people who might be influenced by you and go do the same activities you did. They rely on you to give them accurate information and give answers to technical questions based on what you saw, and was treated as. Leaving out snippets of information will only make the blog piece look detached and with large fractures unable to give your followers an encompassing viewpoint.

When you know you’re going to be doing something special or something that your fans have wanted you to do on their behalf, such as a holiday trip to a location they aren’t sure of going to, noting down the key points is vital. People live vicariously through others, and in order to not destroy a relationship of trust, take a notepad with you. During the important parts of the proceedings, note down something that you think you would ask someone if they were in your shoes, and then look for the answer right then and there. When you go to turn your blog into a business, brands will want to know you have an itch for detail and answer crucial questions so that your audience has confidence in you and their product. Start off easy by documenting your days in fine detail.

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Authentic imagery

Visuals on any blog website are one of the main lures that get people coming back over and over. Essentially you’re putting your world out there through the inspiration of awesome imagery. People want to know what you’re up to and the places you’re going to or have been. At the head of each blog piece, there should be a striking image that gives people a reason to click on it. Sometimes you need to create an image that blends in all your activities and acts as a trailer to the article. This is why it’s a good idea to look for expert photoshop training classes. You can learn from a beginner’s standpoint, head into the advanced classes or sign yourself up for boot camp which delves deeper into many aspects. Using the latest software you can alter and inject your inspiration completely into real photos. It cannot be underestimated how much photo editing goes on in new media. Many YouTube stars have undergone courses just to produce some of the most enticing thumbnails to their videos which add immeasurable amounts to their viewership per video. The same can be said for blogs, as together with the title; it’s important that your readers have authentic photos visually connecting what you have written. Generic images can be spotted easily, and this can cause some people to dismiss the blog piece and move on.

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Introduce vlogging

Of course, some people might think that if the video was introduced to a blog, then there isn’t much point in writing. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Unless the videos are in the form of a prolonged documentation style, then the visuals will merely enhance your blog pieces. They can be silent with just background music with visuals of where you went and what you got up to. You can also then, reference the things you did in the video, included in your writing by the usage of timestamps. Therefore what you’re describing can be better understood by your audience.

The other option is to create a few minutes of video, with a brief voiceover that narrates the event or activity you went to and or did. Talk to the people who you went with, and slowly, their on-screen presence will build up into a character that your audience can recognise. It can get boring if it’s just one person doing the recording and no one knows who your companions for the day are. If you like to include your friends and family in your writing by name, putting a face to an elusive character that has purely only gone on hearsay, can bring your audience closer and deeper into your life. When the audience feels personally connected, it gives more weight to the points you’re making in your blogging, because that barrier of a stranger has already been broken down.

Many people thought that blogging was just a thing of the 1990s that would eventually fizzle out. However, the exact opposite has happened because the world has become more connected than ever. Now you can share your life with people from all over the world. But captivating an audience has to be about being authentic, and not just another generic person. This means you need completely authentic visuals and speaking the truth about your life. Document what you’re doing so you have facts to back up any claims you make in your blogging. This will also attract the attention of promoters who can see you have attention to detail, and give you a shot at making your blog into a business.

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