Top Five Reasons to Learn an Instrument

Every wanted to learn an instrument but something stopped you from trying? There are plenty of reasons to go ahead and try – here are just five of them!

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Most of us consider learning to play a musical instrument at some point in our lives. Whether we just want to look hip like Ryan Gosling, or want to be the next Beethoven. Sadly, a lot of us give up, especially if instruments are forced on us at an early age. Luckily, it is never too late. We’ve put together some top reasons to learn to play an instrument.

It’s Easier Now

Instruments have never been an easy thing to learn, but there are more resources than ever for those of us who want to learn to play. YouTube tutorials, guides on what to buy – things like sheet music and tabs to your favorite songs – are all at your fingertips. You can even pick an easy instrument to learn and maybe that’ll lessen your struggles!

It’s a Great Way to Meet People

Music should be a social event, and lots of us love to play in bands, jam with friends or even join practice groups. There is a huge amount of scope for meeting people and socializing based on your musical interests. If you form a band, you can even make friendships to last a lifetime based on your music and embark on a creative pursuit with others.

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It’s a Creative Outlet

Once you’ve started to learn an instrument, you can quickly experiment and express yourself. Create your own version of songs, record cover versions, or even start to write your own music. Humans are hardwired to be creative and the benefits of doing so are vast. Most of us need a creative outlet to release stress and improve our mood or just scratch the natural itch we all have to create something.

It’s Good For Your Brain

Many studies have shown music to be a unique workout for your brain, mixing memory with creativity and pattern recognition. There are a lot of skills being exercised at once when you pick up an instrument, making it great for a developing young person or for an adult who wants to stay sharp.

It’s Cool!

Let’s face it, being able to pull out a guitar around a campfire or at a party and strum a tune is pretty damn cool. Being able to play an instrument is everything from a party trick to a fulfilling pastime to a part of who we are. In the 21st century, there is less excuse than ever for not trying to strum a guitar or tinkle the ivories.

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